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Characteristics of substance Bezafibrat 

Derived fibroevoy acid.


The drugs - antiagregatine, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, antiatherosclerotic.

Lipoproteidna increases the activity of lipase, intensificare catabolism of triglycerides in lipoproteins of very low and low density. Inhibits peripheral lipolysis and decreases hepatic extraction of free fatty acids and triglyceride synthesis in the liver. Oppressing education and increases clearance of VLDL. Suppresses the activity of HMG-COA reductase, reducing the synthesis of mevalonate. Reduces the level of triglycerides, about--bschego of cholesterol and, to a lesser extent, LDL cholesterol, increases HDL cholesterol, particularly ЛПВП3 and ЛПВП2. Reduces platelet aggregation and blood viscosity. In the appointment of 400 mg 1 time per day in extended form in patients with hypercholesterolemia, slows the progression of atherosclerosis, reduces the incidence of worsening coronary blood supply and high risk groups, improving lipid profile and reducing the level of fibrinogen in the blood.

Application of the substance Bezafibrat

Hyperlipidemia, primarily hypertriglyceridemia (types IV and V), the ineffectiveness of dietary interventions and high risk of developing pancreatitis (triglyceride levels over 2,000 mg%), hyperlipidemia type IIB, including in patients with diabetes mellitus and in case of violation of tolerance to carbohydrates with the metabolic syndrome.


Hypersensitivity, deficiency of the liver, primary biliary cirrhosis, gallbladder disease, severe renal dysfunction, pregnancy, breast-feeding (at the time of treatment), the period of growth.

Side effects of the substance Bezafibrat

Diarrhoeal phenomenon (nausea, anorexia, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea), raising transaminaz, changing picture peripheral blood (anemia, leukopenia), cholestasis, myopathy with pain and stiffness of large muscle groups, rhabdomyolysis, increased activity of creatine kinase, alopecia, impotence, allergic reactions.


Potentiates the effect of indirect anticoagulants. Lovastatin and other inhibitors of HMG-COA reductase increase the risk of rhabdomyolysis.

Routes of administration


Precautions substances Bezafibrat

In the long admission requires constant monitoring of cellular composition of peripheral blood, activity of transaminase. The increase in ALT activity in 2 times or more is the reason for the discontinuation of the drug, and the appearance of complaints of muscle pain and muscle weakness. Periodically abdominal ultrasound to exclude the possibility of stone formation in the gallbladder and determination of the lithogenic index of bile.In the process of treatment, it is recommended to follow a diet.

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