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suitable for unidentified and unexpected horrors of horror. It calms and helps if you wake up from a nightmare. It can also help children with ugly dreams.

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Aspen poplar neutralizes fears and fears, which can not be called, their origin is unknown. These are premonitions, feelings of something, but no one knows what or why. In these sudden horrors of horror you can sweat and tremble. This helps when waking at night from an ugly dream, which he forgot and is afraid of. Thus, it can also help young children suffering from nightmares and horrors. (see also Rock Rose).

The essence of Aspen is fears and fears, anxieties that can not be called and their origin is unknown. This premonition that something will happen, fears can tremble (for example, ask aspen in the wind). This essence also helps children and adults from nightmares. Many of these people also have heart and heart problems. Dr. Bach said: "I am embarrassed by the fear that the patient will understand that behind him there is the universal power of love that leads us through all our difficulties into our heavenly home."

Usage: 4 drops fall into our mouths, hold for a while, and then we can drink. You can also throw in a glass with any drink (water, tea, juice, juice ...). We use the recommended dosage during the day. When using the product, it is also advisable to maintain a balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. This does not replace a varied diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place. Use until the date shown on the side of the package.

Dosage: 4 drops if necessary (4 drops 4 times a day - the minimum recommended dose).

Bach flower essence: Each of us remains one or more errors of characters that interfere with us especially in development, and we should look ... If you suffer from anxiety, fear, low self-esteem or self-control problems, it's just part of the negative emotions that can process the floral essences of Bach. Just choose the right one for your difficulties, enjoy it regularly, and the world will return to the right, harmonious tracks. This can be effectively prevented from diseases that often arise due to mental state. In 1930, Dr. Bach found the first base plants, from which he prepared the first tinctures for the removal of negative emotional states. There were other flowers - now his flower therapy contains 38 medicinal plants, trees and shrubs, the essence of which "straighten out" the human psyche. Bach created a complex system that includes all the negative emotions that a person can experience. Flower therapy Bach radically changed our view of human disease. Although this excellent doctor offered solutions to their problems, he himself always stressed his responsibility for his own destiny, which is summarized as follows: "There is no such physical treatment or perfect diet, a person can completely heal fulfilled if his heart is with love and not develop if sincere efforts to get rid of with their negative tendencies. "


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