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The essence of Beck Clematis is intended for the spirit of the absent person, helps to return to the earth and promotes concentration of the mind. Grounds in the present and in fact.

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Man in a negative state. There is no white forest vine, he lives in his own fantasy world and dreams of better tomorrow. He does not want to quarrel, and before he encounters, he will face his world. He forgets and does not remember the details just because it is not enough. Easily sleeps, sleeps long and even sleepily throughout the day.

They often need women who can not get pregnant. They want the child to imagine what it is when their child is born, but they are not enough to get pregnant. They have many ideas and talents, but they are not well grounded for this to happen. Using the White Grapevine will help them return to the ground to the present and build their own air davits on the ground.

Clematis lives in the future, which is its fundamental difference from Honeysuckle Zimolez. He also does not live in the present, but in the past. Since this helps to harmonize fainting, fainting and unconsciousness, this is one of the five main tools of Rescue Remedy

Dosage: The vial is the most economical way to use the essence for a long time. Take a drop of 30 ml. It can be both plastic and glass. The bottle material does not affect the effectiveness of the entities. Place 2 drops of each selected entity (up to 6-7 entities) in the vial, then add it with pure spring water (no bubbles, no tap water or distilled water). If you need to use the rescue tool for a long time, you put 4 bottles in the vial. If you want, you can shake the bottle. From this prepared bottle you will take 4 drops at least 4 times a day, either directly into your mouth, or into any drink (it can be warm, cold, alcoholic or without alcohol). If you feel the need to enjoy it more often, of course you can. And since they are made from non-food plants, there is no overdose or any side effects. You can also use Back essences only for the moods that pass. Having determined your mood and essence to help you heal, drop 2 drops (4 drops in the case of the Crisis essence) into any drink, and you will drink until the mood disappears.

The color essence of Bach: The floral essence of Bach is a very simple, but very effective system that returns harmony to our emotions and, consequently, to our whole being. Flower essences of Bach contain 38 floral essences, which are essences made from non-edible wild plants and trees. The 39th essence is a life-saving device consisting of five color essences of Bach. The philosophy of this system is the simplicity, completeness and healing of oneself. Dr. Bach believed that physical illness was the result of emotional imbalances. He spent his entire life looking for a simple and safe system of healing, which he considered existing. This ultimately succeeded in it. He left his lucrative medical practice and orthodox medicine and spent the last years of his life curing his patients only with the help of his essences. (But we need to emphasize that entities do not replace medical care, but they can perfectly support and influence our psyche to speed up healing.) The essence of Bach's heyday affects what we call negative emotions-for example, fear, exhaustion, lack of sense of one's own dignity, pride, excessive enthusiasm, which leads to fanaticism, etc. Entities help us to harmonize these feelings, they lead us to the present moment, when we can objectively look at ourselves, our situation and our feelings and take Solutions without emotions. They allow us to remove the peels that we have gathered to survive in this world and thereby gradually help us discover who we really are, the purpose and meaning of our lives, and return our courage to embark on a journey and realize our dreams and wants.


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