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Grab helps against fatigue on Monday morning, perpetual procrastination and tightening important things. Adds excitement and strips doubts back with a clear head, vitality and joy.

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Grab for is fatigue or laziness (mental) and "feeling Monday morning." Such a person doubts whether he can cope with the tasks of the day. She takes it a long time before he starts working, prokrastinuje and everything that is injected parenterally. But then everything, he can handle. There is not enough energy and enthusiasm. It can also help diligent students prepare for the test. Grab recovers with a clear head, vitality and joy of life.

Hazel helps balance fatigue, which, however, is quite mental and one can describe "feeling Monday morning." Such a person has doubts whether he can cope with such a task, that he is waiting for this day. Procrastination of things and it takes a long time with the work begins. However, once he starts, he goes from handmade work and discovers that their jobs are easy. He lacks enthusiasm, sleep neosvěžuje him. Can help people who are recovering from illness and doubt whether they will have enough energy to cure.

Dosage: Therapeutic bottle is the most economical way for long-term use of the essence. Take any of the contents of the vial about 30 ml. can be made of plastic or glass. The material of the bottle does not affect the effectiveness of the entity really. In the dropper bottles 2 drops of each chosen essence is what you need (but not more than 6-7 essence) and then replenishing with pure spring water (no bubbles, inappropriate tap water and distilled water). If you need more time to enjoy the essence of the crisis (life-saving remedies), you put it in a test tube of 4 drops. If you want, you can shake the bottle. With prepared bottles will take at least 4 times a day 4 drops directly into the mouth or any drinks (this can be warm, cold, alcoholic or nonalcoholic). If you feel the need to use it more often, of course you can. And since it is made from nejedovatých plants, there is a danger of overdose or without side effects. Bach flower essence can also be used only to convey mood. Once you determine your mood and essence that will help heal, nakapete 2 drops (4 drops in case of a crisis essence) on any drink and drink as long as the mood does not disappear.

Bach flower essences: Bach floral essences are a very simple and yet very effective system that restores the harmony of our emotions and thus of our entire being. Bach flower essences floral essences contain 38, which are the essence of nejedovatých, wild plants and trees. 39 The essence of the crisis is (life-saving means), which consists of five Bach flower essences. The philosophy of this system is simplicity, completeness and healing itself. Dr. Bach believed that physical illness was the result of emotional imbalance. So he spent his whole life looking at a simple and safe healing system, to which he was convinced that there was. He eventually succeeded. He left him a lucrative practice and orthodox medicine and spent the last years of his life healing the patient only with the help of their essences. (However, it is necessary to emphasize that it is a substitute for medical care-but it can be beautifully to support and accelerate healing, affecting our psyche.) Bach flower essences work on what we call negative emotions. fear, fatigue, lack of self-esteem, pride, enthusiasm, which leads to fanaticism, etc. Extracts help us to reconcile these feelings, to force us to the present moment, when we can look at you objectively, your situation and your feelings objectively and make decisions without emotions. They let us gradually crust that we unfolded to survive in this world and thus gradually helps to reveal who we really are, what is the purpose and meaning of our life and returns to us our courage to stand in your way and make your dreams and wishes.


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