Queisser ,Tiger Balm Nacken & Schulter Balsam, 50 g

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Thousands of years ago, the healing powers of nature in the Far Eamuscles in the neck and shoulder are often emphasized on the one hand in daily life for a longer period of time. Then the neck and shoulders react to overload with painful tension - which can be resolved with warmth and light massagesst were effective. To date, the effect of our medicine TIGER BALM RED N is based on a traditional formula that combines the special effects of four herbal ingredients: camphor, kaeputa, mint and levomentol. For tension or pain in the back, in the muscles and joints, these medicinal plants promote the circulation of the skin. Our tip: Apply approximately the size of the peas TIGER BALM RED N to the painful area and massage. Thus, the affected muscles and joints are better supplied with blood, the tension is markedly reduced.

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Heat: heat leads to vasodilation and stimulation of blood circulation. As a result, muscles and tissues are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients - and they relax appreciably. Massages: The gentle pressure of massage also increases the circulation of the skin. At the same time, tense muscles are weakened by stroking movements. Our TIGER BALM balm and shoulder balm combine these two effects as 'massage to go': A gentle massage with the use of balm stimulates blood circulation and weakens muscles. At the same time, the balm leaves a pleasant invigorating feeling on the skin. Responsible for this calming effect is a special combination of herbal ingredients that were effectively used in the Far East thousands of years ago. Camphor animates the body and mind. Capsicum is considered conducive to blood circulation. Menthol is considered cooling and soothing, for example, in stressed muscles. Eucalyptus makes a pleasant smell. Our advice: Balsam is not just something for the home, but it can also be conveniently used on the go. Due to its practical format, the neck and shoulder balm TIGER BALM is always at hand in the car or in the desk drawer.


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Бальзам, Ointment
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