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Natural mascara that adds intense backlighting and prolongation to your eyelashes. High-quality brush fibers bind each alga individually and perfectly rotate it for an extraordinary effect.

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Lavera Mascara for length and volume in an intense black shade perfectly highlights the eyelashes. A dense brush with a combination of finely cut bristles envelops all the algae with a particularly thin layer of dark black that instantly deepens and opens your view. A high-quality composition with brilliant high-quality mineral pigments gives your eyelashes an exciting volume and an amazing prolongation.

Mascara does not contain potentially dangerous ingredients or synthetic ingredients, such as silicones or parabens. Its composition is rich in natural care, plant extracts and nutritious oils. Jojoba oil not only provides a pleasant creamy consistency of mascara, which evenly covers all algae, but also protects from adverse external influences. Thanks to this, mascara is suitable for everyday use.

With the help of a brush it is easy to process and effectively create the smallest algae. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly into the handle and is easy to work with. Mascara is ophthalmologically tested, and is also suitable for sensitive eyes and carriers of contact lenses. Although it is characterized by full day care, it easily removes and does not irritate the eye area. If you are looking for a natural product that provides both significant volume and expansion, this mascara is the right choice.

Your daily assistant

Is mascara absolutely necessary, which can not be missed in your cosmetic bag? You do not usually get married, but do you just have mascara? But if you are looking for such mascara that does not irritate your eye area and will be made of quality natural ingredients, try it with Lavery. Mascara will give your eyelashes an exciting volume and distinctive look, as well as suitable for sensitive eyes.

Explicit and voluminous algae

Lavera Mascara for volume and rotation of algae is primarily designed for algae that lacks volume and is thin and lifeless. The ergonomic shape of the bristle bristles the synthetic processes of each eyelash separately and wrap it in a homogeneous layer of blackened color that is optically selected and algae will give them volume. With mascara it can easily cope and reaches even the smallest eyelashes. In addition, he can also make eyelashes, so you will no longer need your pliers.

INTENSIVE CARBONS Thanks to the content of natural ingredients, this mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes and can afford it, and to someone who wears contact lenses. Mascara does not irritate, and thanks to high-quality mineral pigments, it has a really intense shade. You can apply mascara in one layer for a more natural look or two or three for a more dramatic effect. Mascara will not be washed out during the day and will remain in excellent condition.

Application: Apply mascara from algae to thicken their volume. Before applying the next layer, allow the previous layer to dry. Use algae forceps for breathtaking algae rotation.


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