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Showering oil is suitable not only for intimate hygiene, but also serves as an ordinary shower gel. It has a fresh aroma, contains essential oils of geranium and tea tree, which have antiseptic and antifungal properties.

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Intimia shower oil for salmon nourishes and sticks even very dry skin during washing. Replaces shower gel and soap. It is suitable for intimate hygiene. It contains essential oils of geranium, tea tree and manuka, which have significant antiseptic and antifungal effects. It has a beneficial effect on vaginal and urinary infections, the oil for the shower is suitable for bathing. It also serves to prevent these problems. However, it is not only suitable for these intimate problems, but your refreshing scent will make your shower even more enjoyable.

A mixture of essential oils brings a harmonious flavor to your shower. This adds a new feeling, creating an optimistic mood. Relax and enjoy your moments in the shower.

Saloos Shower Oils contain not only effective detergents that remove sweat and dirt, but also nutritious vegetable oils. Sunflower and sesame oil hydrates the skin. The special composition of the shower oil does not leave an unpleasant oil coating on the skin, the water-based oil creates a soft milk emulsion that is easy to wash, but after use the skin is soft and soft.


Saloos shower oil will surely take you. Due to its consistency and composition with natural oils, the skin cleans the skin in one step, helping to find the necessary moisture. Purification with this shower oil will spoil your skin and make it comfortable and flexible. The oil is also suitable for intimate hygiene.


Saloos Shower Oil is actually a product that processes two functions at once. Removes any accumulated dirt and sweat, without causing skin irritation or causing it to dry out. It also provides adequate nutrition and, therefore, is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Just choose the option according to your current mood or the needs of your skin.


Saloos Shower Oil contains no foam, which is often the cause of excessive drying of the skin during washing. Instead, it cares for the skin of the whole body thanks to natural oils with intense softening properties and carves the skin with natural perfumes from essential oils. After showering with Saloos shower oil, your skin will be velvety.


Saloos Intimia shower oil is also suitable for the most sensitive skin, as well as for body care. Essential oils from tea tree, manuka and geraniums act against the growth of microbes and yeast, have a beneficial effect on vaginal fungal infections and keep your intimate parts fresh throughout the day. This fragrance, refreshing the grass, adds energy to you, and the vegetable oils tone up and cut off your entire body.

Application: Apply a few drops of oil on damp skin, massage and rinse. Shower oil can also be used for intimate hygiene, and it can be very useful for bath preparation in case of vaginal or urinary problems.

Tip: Shower oil is a nutritional alternative to shower gel and soap. Gently removes the skin from any dirt, but thanks to the content of vegetable oils, the skin does not dry out. Prevents dehydration, prevents dryness, tension and itching of the skin.


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