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Gel for intimate hygiene makes use of the antiseptic and healing effect of essential oils and plant extracts. This makes it a very gentle gel of sensitive skin of intimate parts.

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Gel for intimate hygiene Argital uses antiseptic and healing effects of essential oils and plant extracts. This makes it a very soft gel for sensitive skin of intimate parts and is quite effective in preventing the formation of fungal infections and other gynecological problems.

The main active ingredient in the gel is oil, niaouli, a relative of the tea tree, which has excellent antiseptic and antifungal effects. Niaouli supports the vaginal flora in the balance, eliminates the appearance of unwanted bacteria and thus maintains intimate parts healthy. For treatment and treatment at the same time, the problem will be to take care of mint, lavender and clove oil. These oils work sterile, but also soothe the irritated skin and protect it from irritation again.

Gel for intimate hygiene, gently and effectively washed off its intimate parts of the body. It contains essential oils slightly ennobled and protects it from the appearance of irritation, fungal infections or inflammation. Argital gel is a great help for women who suffer from repeatedly recurring fungal infections and drains.

Not only intimate parts

gentle cleansing gel containing natural extracts Argital takes care of the skin of the whole body, removes all dirt and leaves the skin soft and soothing. Thanks to the consistency and composition with natural extracts in one step it flushes the skin and at the same time it helps to fix the necessary hydration. In addition, there is enough friendly, it can be used for intimate hygiene.

Freshness and protection, of course, you can use a mild soap on the skin of the entire body, especially the area, however, suitable for intimate parts. Contains only a gentle foamer on a natural basis, therefore, minimally damages the protective barrier of the skin, does not irritate and does not cause dry skin. The gel not only cleanses intimate parts without excessive irritation, but this area also protects against inflammation and infection.


Argital gel contains natural extracts that support the comfort of intimate parts. Niaouli oil excels with antiseptic and antibacterial action, helps to keep healthy microflora in intimate places and refreshes the skin. Essential oil of lavender has a calming effect, and also acts naturally as an antiseptic. Gel for washing is also suitable for women who are concerned about the prevalence of fungal infections, gynekoogických inflammation or vagina.

Use: soap a small amount of gel on the palms of your hands, apply intimate parts and rinse with clean water. The gel is intended for daily use.

Please note: the gel for intimate hygiene contains esencíálním oil specific aroma and Minty when exposed to the skin lightly. This makes it not very suitable for people with sensitive skin. Before buying a complete package you would rather take a test template.


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