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Soothing herbal scents keep your baby breathing and promote restful sleep. Effects up to 8 hours. Choose the power of nature for easy breathing.

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Manufacturer Walmark

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Soothing herbal scents keep your baby breathing and promote restful sleep. Effects up to 8 hours. Choose the power of nature for easy breathing.

Support for a stuffy nose

Facilitates breathing for up to 8 hours

It brings out natural aromas of eucalyptus, Scots pine, mint, rosemary and oranges.

This patch, applied to clothing, gradually releases the fragrant oil vapors it contains. Contains essential oils of Scotch pine, one of the main ingredients of the balms; eucalyptus, known for its respiratory properties; peppermint, which completes the refreshing effect, in addition to the addition of rosemary and orange essential oils, which offer many properties and uses.

Does not lubricate

Doesn't get dirty

Instructions for use:

Open the package.

Remove the protective layer of the patch and place it directly on clothing (such as pajamas) in the chest area.

Sinulan Forte JUNIOR Aroma Plaster releases its natural scent for up to 8 hours, so it is recommended to apply the patch before bed.

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Manufacturer Walmark


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