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The essence of communication / communication is suitable for those who do not have the courage to express themselves. Helps provide an opportunity to express their opinions and feelings.

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The essence of communication / communication is suitable for those who do not have the courage to express themselves. To help you better and easier to formulate and express your opinions and feelings without unreasonable shyness.

Bio-combined extracts are mixed from the core essence and strictly in accordance with the formula of Dr. Edward Bach. The essence of help is to restore and care for the balance of emotional and physical strength, which is associated with the harmony of the body, mind and soul.

Usage: kápneme 4 drops directly into the mouth can last for a while, and then we can drink. You can even put in a glass with any drink (water, tea, juice, juice ...). During the day, we use the recommended dose. With the use of it is also appropriate to follow a balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. It is not a substitute for good nutrition. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool and dry. Use within the specified date on the side of the package.

Dosage: 4 drops as needed (4 drops 4 times a day, this is the minimum recommended dosage).

Bach flower essences: each of us has one or more error symbols that are especially in the way of development and we should look ... Whether you suffer from anxiety, fears, low self-esteem or problems with CDA, this is only a small part of the negative emotions , which survive Bach flower essences. You just need to choose the most suitable for your problems, to use it on a regular basis, and the world returns to the correct, harmonious track. Can effectively prevent diseases that are often caused by the state of mind. In 1930, Dr. Bach found the first major plants, from which the extracts prepared the first tincture to remove negative emotional states. After that, other flowers-today his flower therapy contains 38 medicinal plants, trees and shrubs, are the "reforming" of the human psyche. Bach, created a complex system in which include all the negative emotions that a person could hit. Bach's flower treatments have radically changed our view of human diseases. Although this is an excellent doctor, people offered solutions to their problems, he always stressed his responsibility for his own destiny, which summarizes the following: "Any kind of physical healing, or a perfect diet can not completely heal a person, fills his heart with love and will not develop a sincere effort to get rid of their negative trends. "


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