Bione Cosmetics Exclusive Karnosin + Inositol Hand Cream 200 ml

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Dimensions (sm): 15.00 x 15.00 x 15.00
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Unique, fast-absorbing, non-greasy hand-made balm with a twenty-year tradition!

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Contains Q10 and other regenerating, softening and moisturizing ingredients such as allantoin, panthenol, glycerin, protective carnosine and vitamin youth and vitality - inositol. By weathering, washing with soap and workload, the skin is strained and dried. Stress hormones are released, causing destruction of their own subcutaneous structures, resulting in loss of tone and elasticity of the skin, and wrinkles, cracks. Balm skin, supple, moisturizing glycerin and panthenol, adds the missing fats. Allantoin and panthenol are known regenerative and hydrating ingredients, carnosine and inositol are a modern protective and nutritional substance, coenzyme Q10 is popular with its vitalizing and anti-aging activity, optimizes cellular respiration and thus all other biochemical skin processes. After use, the skin will be tender, supple, silky-shiny. The balm is made as an extra light emulgel, using a modern polymeric stabilizer system that reduces the content of unwanted and irritating emulsifiers up to 0.0% (regular balsams up to 6%). Thanks to the soothing balm does not form a soap effect, absorbs quickly and is very soft, we guarantee you enjoy it. Immediately absorbs and does not leave a greasy feeling on the hands. The base of this balm is verified by twenty years of user satisfaction. No other preparation is formulated as Bione - balm on hand - carnosine + inositol + Q10.


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