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Dr. Popov Tea Deacidification and immunity 20 x 1.5 g

Tea, the effects of which affect not only the health, the quality of the skin and the internal condition of the body, but also the improvement of the lymphatic system.

THE HOPS AND FLOWERS of the approved cannabis varieties DO NOT contain the psychoactive THC component (less than 0.2%), but it contains CANABIDIOL (CBD) - up to 1.6%.

Dr.Popov Tea Rooibos 20x1.5g

Rooibos tea, 30 g (20 x 1.5 g) - Delicate African decaffeinated African tea.

Dr.Popov Tea Maté zelené list 20x1.5g

Tea Maté green leaf, 30 g (20 x 1,5 g) - Maté zelené list, 30 g (20 x 1,5 g), herbal tea.

African decaffeinated tea. 

Tea of ​​Chinese emperors unrepeatable slightly smoky taste. It has low caffeine content. Suitable for overweight, elevated cholesterol and alcohol in the blood.

Problematic skin is closely related, among other things, to the need for cleansing the body.

Pink hibiscus, blackcurrant, dandelion and birch - to maintain proper kidney and urinary tract and drainage of the organism.

A stimulating national drink of South America. Loose tea suitable for weight reduction.

Maté is an ancient South American "sorcerer" herb, South America, as well known as Green Tea or Mandragora in the East.

Stopcukr 30 g

Herbal tea with blueberry leaf.

Tea Herbal Reducing Oxygen 20x1.5g Dr.Popov Otylka®. Herbal tea at overweight. 30 g - 20 infusion bags.

It contains herbs that help cleanse the body: beetroot and dandelion support general cleansing, nettle and pansy cleans blood, pink hibiscus and oman promote healthy excretion of pollutants by the urinary tract.

DR.POPOV Dr.Popov Tulsi Basil Sacred 20x1.5g - Tulsi - Sacred Basil, 30 g - 20 infusion bags 1,5 g,

Herbal tea in cold and cough. This tea is a supplement to the diet.

Favorite tea, which contains herbs to cleanse the body - nettle, lime and pomegranate. Universal Cleansing Tea Dr. Popova contains herbs suitable for cleaning the body.

Livie herbal tea contains a balm for hormonal balance, contours, yarrows and dandruff for menstrual and premenstrual comfort, and female-female for overall vitality.

Dr. Popov Tea Acidification and Immunity 20x1.5g - herbal tea contains dandelion, vilcacor and marigold

Herbal sparkling tea Krk, Mandle.

Fluid accumulation in tissues causes swelling.

Edemin contains herbs for drainage

Dr. Popov Tea Hyperton 20x1.5g - for normal cardiovascular system activity

100 miles of herbal tea contains herbs for good condition of the lower limbs: a medallion for the normal functioning of the circulatory system and a black currant that helps maintain the muscles and joints.

Gasconi's Lucky Tea ®. Herbal tea for a good mood. 50 g.

Hemp tea STRES Dr. Popa contains bellflower, St. John's wort and lavender, which contribute to relaxation, mental balance and good sleep.

Herbal tea for a good mood. Contains peppermint and lime blossom, which have relaxing effects. Chamomile creates a positive mood and contributes to mental health.

Dr. Popov Tea Children's Healthy n.s.20x1.5g - herbal baby tea for daily drinking regime - thanks to the content of the arrow, it supplies vitamin C and contributes to the natural resistance of the organism - fennel

Exotic herbal tea to supplement fluids with increased sweating. It contains a high percentage of organic acids and vitamin C

Dietary supplement.

Herbal Tea Kloubík® to maintain normal joints.

Contains a wormwood that helps maintain healthy digestion. It is suitable after eating heavy and heavy meals and as a replacement for digestive tract.

Herbal tea for students, managers and other mental workers.

Dr. Popov Tea Red Lapacho 70g

Lactosin contains gastropod, which contributes to lactation, fennel for good health and support for the production of breast milk and a quartz for natural defenses.

Rednal contains hibiscus, black currant and birch, which maintains normal urinary tract activity and drain fluids from the body (removal of excess uric acid). Peasant and black currant support normal joint condition.

Dr.Popov Tea Migresan is a herbal original mixture in infusion bags containing bellwort, St. John's wort and lavender for calming, emotional and hormonal balance.

Dr.Popov Tea Pure skin 50g

Tea Clean Skin Dr. Popov contains burdock, sprout and marigold, which maintain the normal condition of the skin and contribute to its healing.

Problematic skin is closely related, among other things, to the need for cleansing the body. Acne tea ® contains pomegranate, rape and St. John's wort, which maintain normal skin condition and furthermore herbs to promote secretion of urine from the urine - pink hibiscus flower, raspberry.

  Dr. Popov Tea Herbal Bystrý zrak 50g

contains a medical eyebrow that contributes to the normal state of vision

Recommendation: To reduce smoking, alcohol, coffee, fats and spices, consume 1 teaspoon of peeled pumpkin seeds and 2 to 3 teaspoons of sunflower seeds (to be chewed well)


 Herbal loose tea in spleen and pancreatic disorders

 Zeha tea contains herbs for normal digestion: peppermint maintains normal digestive system and intestines and is also suitable for bloating. All the other herbs contained also maintain proper digestion.

 Antiur tea contains a golden sheep, yarrow and St. John's wort that support healthy urinary tract and urinary bladder.

Hepa tea herbal tea contains, for example, a dandelion that contributes to the normal functioning of the stomach and liver, and a thistle that protects the liver cells and tissues from oxidative damage.

Antichol contains a dandelion that contributes to the normal functioning of the stomach and liver and the urine that promotes healthy digestion and digestion.

Dr. Popov Tea Prostat tea 20x1.5g

contains the following herbs:

Horsetail - to promote excretion and urinary tract health

Zlatobyl - Helps protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage and promotes health of the lower urinary tract and urinary bladder

Black currant - keeps your urinary tract well

Asthma tea contains herbs to maintain healthy airways: good-natured, black-eyed, quaint and dormant. Fennel also promotes mucus secretion.

It contains herbs that cleanse the body and maintain healthy hair, bones and skin

Skylight has these effects:

refreshes the body

maintains the normal state of vision

Yzop has the following effects: - Strengthens healthy airways -

Hyssopus officinalis

Yzop medical is used against stomach problems, inflammation of the mouth and upper respiratory tract and against excessive poaching.

Anchor earth has the following effects:

contributes to the overall good health

supports sexual organ activity / hormonal activity

for normal cardiovascular system activity, blood clotting

consolidates healthy urinary and sex pathways

maintains natural defenses - the immune system

supports normal nervous system activity

ensures the normal functioning of the respiratory system

for mouth and gum health

maintains normal skin condition

Ground Anchor (Tribulus terrestris)

Dietary supplement.

Dr. Popov Tea Pink hibiscus 100g