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Beer bath foam with beer yeast extracts and beer spa hops. Beer spa at your home.

A perfectly absorbing experience with a silky soft bath will provide a harmoniously balanced blend of essential oils, headed by narcotic jasmine, a refreshing orange and sensual scent of sandalwood, roses and tuberose.

Bath foam with a soothing aroma of chamomile, sweet bergamot and cleansing effects of angels and incense will give you a unique relaxing experience with the most effective natural ingredients.

Harmonizing bath foam with a mixture of vegetable essential oils gives a sense of encouragement due to the insurmountable aroma of tropical plum flowers, exotic sweet vanilla and the ylang ylang drug.

A refined foam bath with relaxing effects helps to eliminate fatigue after a long day. Essential oils from lavender, melon, neroli and sandalwood provide an irresistible smell and a high relaxation potential.

Bubble bath with a sweet fragrant aroma allows you to relax in a bath with water. He not only cares about your skin, but also gives you a sense of security and peace thanks to your chosen essential oils

A gentle bath foam with scents of flowers, a rose that the Queen will guarantee you the perfect Aromatherapy experience. It acts as a relaxing and relaxing effect on the body and mind and gives you a sense of tranquility and harmony with nature.

Foam aromatherapy baths are the perfect gift for your loved ones or small pleasures that you can enjoy not only on special occasions.

Dahurica Spa bath foam nourishes and processes the skin of the whole body, takes care of the senses and relaxes. The gentle smell of lotus, verbena and others together with velvety soft foam spoils the body and soul.

The foam for the spa cedar bath brings an amazingly refreshing smell of pine needles and cedar taiga. Rich foam not only delight the senses, but also nourish and pamper the skin of the whole body.

Bath foam Siberian spa adds energy to the body and mind with a wonderful aroma and herbal výtažkům. Carefully selected herbal skin tone and improve blood circulation. Aromatic foam removes stress and reduces fatigue.