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Herbal balm with Kostival and Kaštan equine 300 ml

It is a medium-fat, protective balm with universal application for all skin types, with the nutritive power of Bio Argan Oil, Coenzyme Q10 and Caries. The balm is supplemented with a modern active coenzyme Q10 with a known regenerative and anti-rash activity. It accelerates and optimizes natural mitochondrial oxidation and thus optimizes essential cellular functions. BIO hand cream contains many other active and plant substances such as allantoin, panthenol, glycerine and shea butter with natural UV filters and vitamin E, which protects against oxygen radicals. Balm uses a modern acrylic emulsion system and is therefore very gentle and non-irritating. It is quickly absorbed, leaving a pleasant, uncomfortable feeling.

Balm suitable for everyday treatment of lips and dry skin, excellent even for extreme climatic conditions. Pleasant smells will inspire the well-being of your skin.