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Emser Nasanita Kindernasendusche (1 pc)

If you need a high-precision and safe thermometer that does not hurt you and your family, even if it accidentally breaks, pay attention to the excellent modern development - the infrared thermometer AND DT-635! It is ideal for home use, which is especially important in winter, when it is so easy to catch a cold.

Thermoscan 7 Irt 6520 ear thermometer (pack size: 1 pcs) is suitable for age-related temperature measurement for the whole family.

With the help of these diagnostic scales you can determine the number of kilograms and carry out an evaluation of the body composition. The results of the evaluation are displayed on the screen of the innovative display. The device is designed for home use and displays weight with an accuracy of 100 grams.

Emser Nasanita Baby Shower (pack size: 1 pc.) Helps your child to thoroughly clean and saturate the nose. Relieves you of dust, dirt and pollen. You can use a baby shower for allergies to pollen and house dust, as well as for the prevention of colds, acute or chronic inflammatory diseases of the nose and dry nose.

he smallest in the world, a pocket inhaler. For home use.

Innovative Mesh technology - Vibrating Mesh Technology (V.M.T.)
A wide range of medications used: the possibility of inhalation of hormones and antibiotics
Noiseless inhalations
No pre-treatment is required before inhalation
Works effectively with a small volume of a drug (from 0.5 ml)
The minimum residual volume (0.1 ml)
Significantly shorter time of inhalation (no need to dilute the medicine)
4 hours of continuous inhalation from two finger batteries
One button control, two modes selection: Easy cleaning and disinfection

Unique automatic device TENSOVAL duo control for measuring blood pressure, combining 2 professional measurement technologies: oscillometric and Korotkova's method. To memorize 2 users for 60 measurements and average values for two users. Premium class cassette 22-32 cm.

The marine solution of Sinomarin naturally has a high concentration of mineral salts and microelements. It guarantees optimal rinse of the child's nose and frees him from crusts and mucus, which can clog him.