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Dinavir bioinformatic drops combine the effects of many herbs and essential oils, which are especially useful for the meridian of the liver, spleen, bladder and kidneys.

CDF capsules are a rich source of vitamin C, B2 and D3, as well as flavonoids derived from the black age, and we also find vitamin E.

Bioinformační product T CD4 Imuserol harmonizes the VPP of the digestive system, especially the pancreas, spleen and stomach. It can be used as a preventive measure, even support for various issues.

Grepofit capsules are a combination of sage and třapakty great impact on the respiratory tract, especially on the upper respiratory tract.

The biomania formula Vitamarin with fish oil of sea fish Engraulis japonicus contains useful fatty acids omega-3, as well as vitamins A and D.

The natural bio-information product Peralgin has a positive effect on the respiratory system, especially thanks to the extract from spruce.

Regenerative Cytosan Inovum capsules contain humates and green clay. They affect, for example, the small intestine or stomach.

The bio-information capsule Flavocel, thanks to vitamin C, strengthens the immune system, and added hibiscus has excellent toning effects and has a positive effect on the entire vasculature.

A combination of herbal extracts from herbs, ginseng or chlorella, enriched with vitamins C, B12 or folic acid. According to TČM, it acts mainly on three foci and the path of the stomach or liver.

The bio-information product Vitaflorin contains a balanced mixture of vitamins and minerals. The contained marshmallow together with royal jelly helps to strengthen immunity, and the added tissue is an excellent adaptogen and tonic.

Cytosan capsules are made from humate, obtained, for example, from peat. Positively affect the way of the large and small intestines, stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, and also the way of conduction.

Aswaganda is the herb of Ayurvedic herbs, which strengthens the body's resistance to stressful situations. In addition, it affects overall vitality, sleep quality and brain activity.

Vegan capsules combine the effects of two very popular Ayurvedic herbs, which increase the body's immunity, have a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep and contribute to concentration.

Asvaganda refers to Ayurvedic herbs that strengthen the body's resistance to stressful situations. In addition, it affects overall vitality, sleep quality and brain activity.

Organic sulfur is naturally found in fresh foods and is essential for the proper production of collagen.

Powder Baobab has a pleasant taste of citrus and is suitable as an ingredient in smoothies, suspensions, etc. Contains a lot of vitamin C, calcium or magnesium.

Pure tea has a pleasant herbal flavor and a bit bitter. It contains many antioxidants, as well as minerals or routine.