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Bee 3 + C, 30 pcs
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Glucan, 150 ml

Thanks to the household air cleaner model AIC XJ-277 you remove all the air from the air, saturating it with moisture and ozone. Using this device, you will always breathe perfectly clean air - like in a summer forest or after a thunderstorm.

Easy to use and manage, easy maintenance and economical power consumption, quiet operation and nice design allow you to operate the device with the greatest user comfort.

Elegant white body of this ultrasonic humidifier will look good in any interior, and emphasize the taste of its owner. The device has a rich functionality and a number of built-in functions - hygrostat for automatic control of humidity level, air humidity regulator, ionizer and ozonizer. The presence of the built-in display and the remote control makes the management of this device simple and enjoyable.


Coughing is annoying and comfortable in any situation - especially not when it occurs at night and disturbs the actually restful sleep or when the person is currently on the move. The often stubborn and painful cough should then disappear as quickly as possible. The solution: Phytohustil® cough stimulant lozenges - the immediate herbal aid.

Phytohustil cough stimulant syrup from the Bayer Vital GmbH (content: 150 ml) is a herbal (phytopharmaceutical) medicine that is used for colds of the upper respiratory tract. The effect is based on an extract of marshmallow root contained in the medicinal product (extracting agent: water). Marshmallow root has mucilages that have an irritant and cough irritation and anti-inflammatory effect. Colds are often associated with irritation of the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat. Especially at the beginning of the disease dry and inflamed mucous membranes often cause dry cough. The mucilage contained in the marshmallow root lie like a protective layer over the irritated mucous membrane and so suppress the cough. In addition, ethanol, methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, propyl 4-hydroxybenzoate and sucrose are included as pharmaceutical excipients.