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Black mascara with eyelashes Brush flat rubber is completely separated, their volume increases and due to the separation of bamboo or kaméliovému oil will support their growth.

Black mascara emphasizes even the smallest algae, optically thickens them and gives them a rich black tint for a long time. At the same time, eyelashes take care of them in the daytime and protect them from hacking.

Ink in the classic black shade distinguishes even the finest algae and shoots at them. At the same time, it protects eyelashes and waxes throughout the day and protects the eyelashes from damage.

Brown mascara beautifully cuts algae from roots to fins and captures even the smallest brass, which beautifully turns and gives your eyes a seductive look.

Fixation gel for eyebrows with natural waxes perfectly highlights your eyebrows, it helps to adjust its shape and set it for the whole day, an impeccable appearance. Hazel is brown very naturally.

Transparent gel perfectly captures your eyebrows and can be used individually or in combination with your favorite eyebrow pencil. Thanks to vegetable oils, it provides your eyelashes and eyebrows with useful benefits.

Strengthening the carcass will give your eyelashes an exciting volume and natural light. Intensive pigments of black dye evenly cover all the algae, making the makeup last all day.

Ink with natural composition in chocolate brown will give eyelashes a natural highlight and volume. Thanks to herbal ingredients improves the structure of the eyelashes and giving an intense look all day.

Natural mascara with silk will give the eyelashes a charming extension and intensive lighting in a rich black color. Perfectly turns each eyelash individually and opens your point of view.

The color of the natural eye with intense mineral pigments perfectly accentuates your eyelashes, give them a charming volume and extension. A thick brush covers every eyelash even a layer of rich black.

Mascara with a curved brush perfectly separates the eyelashes, enlarges them and covers them with a layer of black, giving you a look at the eyes. At the same time, kelp protects from burglary or falling.

Natural mascara that adds intense backlighting and prolongation to your eyelashes. High-quality brush fibers bind each alga individually and perfectly rotate it for an extraordinary effect.

The mascara that is made for a stunning effect. Intense black pigments will cover each eyelash individually and give you a dramatic bold look. Thanks to natural ingredients also suitable for sensitive eyes.

Mascara for large volumes emits algae from the roots to the tips and visually increases their volume, giving the eyes a look at the eyes.

Extension of the carcass 01 Black perfectly cleanses the eyelashes, separates them from the roots to the tips, optically lengthens them and gives the eyes a charming appearance.

Elongation mascara 02 blue perfectly pročeše algae, illuminated from the roots to the tips, optically and deliver the prolonged eyes sparkly look.

LAM Black mascara adds a special black color to your eyelashes and at the same time turns and thickens them. For a natural appearance, just apply one layer, two or three layers will give you a black and white, terrible look.

Perfumed mascara is also suitable for sensitive eyes and carriers of contact lenses. It supplies black algae, increases their volume and at the same time increases their growth due to castor oil or bamboo.

A colorless gel containing extracts of hyaluronic acid, arginine and aloe vera or skylights, casts eyebrows and beautifully removes eyelashes. It also strengthens, nourishes and protects against hacking.

Mascara in black shade has very flexible rubber brushes that catches even the best short eyelashes and evenly coats of color.

Mascara for castor oil or vegetable collagen contains rich mineral pigments, nothing crumbles and lasts all day on algae. Strengthen, promote their growth and protect them from hacking.

Balm for eyelashes balm strengthens and nourishes algae during the night, when it helps them to intensively regenerate. Herbal extracts of algae strengthen the structure and provide them with the necessary nutrients.

Black mascara with a special shape of the brush will give the eyelashes a spectacular amount while providing protection to the breakage thanks to natural oils and cucumber extracts and to enhance their growth.

The eyelash extender strengthens the thin eyelashes and gives them the nutrients necessary for proper growth. Extracts of birch, aloe vera and lycium laminaria nourish and supply vitamins and minerals.

The dark brown version of the carcass, which contains algae, separates and delivers both length and volume. In addition, natural ingredients take care of the algae and do not burden them.

Classic mascara in an ageless black shade will open your eyes and add amazing length and impressive volume to lashes with natural ingredients.

Dark brown mascara for blonde and those that prefer a more natural effect. Ink for eyelashes collapses and delivers volume, supporting their growth.

Mascara in classic black covers all the algae with a layer of dark black and adds a truly remarkable amount of eyelashes. The natural composition is a question, of course.