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Balm on a crimson red shade with golden shimmerem rich in natural oils and waxes, cares for the skin of the lips and soften it.

Balm Breeze will cover your lips with a soft reddish brown color with golden shimmerem and at the same time, take care of them with bambuckému jojobovému butter or oil.

This balm for the whole of your lips is a tender pink shade with silver mother of pearl. At the same time take care of them thanks to the veganskému composition with vegetable oils and waxes.

Lip Balm containing natural oils, waxes and shea butter you with her sweet honey flavor and taste. Softens the skin and softens your lips while you wait and leave it perfectly elastic.

Lip Balm with vegan composition contains natural oils, waxes and shea butter. It is smoothed, smoothed, softened and protected from the weather.

Try something new, lip balm with the smell of chewing gum. It not only has an original smell, but also takes care of a thin labial medium with macadamia oil or shea butter.

Imagine the delicious taste and smell of strawberries in chocolate. That's how she smells like this balsam Crazy Bumors. In addition, it is full of natural care, which will spoil the skin of your lips.

Sweet vanilla with a touch of coffee, this is the balm from Crazy rumors. Thanks to makadamiovému karnaubskému or kandelilovému, the oil wax takes care of the delicate skin of the lips and leaves the divinely smooth.

Enjoy the smell of gingerbread at any time during the year with balsam from Crazy rumors. Provides the necessary care for her lips, vegetable oils and voskům and is also suitable for vegetarians.

Enjoy a refreshing lemonade. Lip balm for lemonade will give your lips, fineness and softness and protect them from drying out, in summer and in winter.

A lip balm with a hint of orange and bergamot, which you instantly refreshes and thanks to a natural makeup, is suitable for vegans to spoil your skin with your lips.

Enjoy the divine fragrance of pistachios in balm from Crazy rumors. Gently cares for the sensitive skin of the lips and is also suitable for vegetarians.

Healing and soothing lip balm nourishes the lips from herpes and softens them. Antiseptic properties of tea tree oil, enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera, sensitive lip skin brings relief and subtlety.

Moisturizing lip balm with jojoba oil protects the lips, softens and smoothes. It removes dry lips, precedes their dryness, cracks and damage. Helps to keep lips, elastic, soft and beautiful looking at as well.

Lip balm coconut pineapple takes care of the delicate and sensitive skin of the lips thanks to the content of nutritious oils and plant extracts. They provide a protective film on it and at the same time it provides the necessary nutrients.

Lipstick lip balm takes care of the delicate and sensitive skin of the lips thanks to the content of nourishing oils and plant extracts. They provide a protective film on it and at the same time it provides the necessary nutrients.

Cranberry lip balm and orange take care of sensitive skin with nutritious oils and herbal extracts. Accelerates the regeneration of the skin, heals and protects it from damage again.

Lip balm-ginger and mango takes care of the sensitive skin of the lips thanks to the contents of nutritious oils and plant extracts. They provide a protective film on it and at the same time it provides the necessary nutrients.

rejuvenates, hydrates, strengthens, revitalizes, reduces wrinkles, slows down aging, easy to apply with practical packaging, winner of PACKSTAR 2017

for intense regeneration, hydration, nutrition and lip protection

hydrates, rejuvenates, softens, regenerates, leaves lips velvety soft

softens, smooths, hydrates, helps protect skin lipids and softens and regenerates the skin

softens, moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates and treats dry and cracked lips

softens, nurses, heals, treats dry and cracked lips, protects the skin from adverse external influences

regenerates, hydrates, nourishes, heals, emulates, protects against unfavorable external influences

Moisturizing lip balm with gentle vanilla scent care for dry skin and protects it from dehydration and damage again. Balm combines nourishing oils and waxes.

The protective liner intensively cares for the tight thin skin, nourishes, softens and protects it from damages. Essential oils protect against a small inflammation.

Lubricant for herpes, actively take care of damaged skin, helps its rapid recovery, as well as antibacterial. To prevent further expansion of inflammation.

After vanilla scented lotion with a high content of natural oils and oils perfectly softens the skin, protects from dehydration and leaving it beautifully soft.

Balsam with a sweet sweet smell of cocoa butter protects the sensitive baby's lips from dehydration and provides them with good care due to natural oils, oils and plant extracts.

Colorless balm provides intensive care, its lips, protects them from drying out or the formation of flakes and it is excellent even in the winter months.

Lips balm with enticing aromas of black currant helps to heal dry and cracked skin of the lips, it softens the skin and softens nicely.

Lip Balm with a slightly pungent flavor and taste Chilli and Mint lips perfectly moisturize, soften and protect against cracks, also thanks to the separation of Chile gives volume.

A lightly toned lip balm rich in natural oils provides her lips, a well-groomed look and give them a red color and shine.

Intensive cream balm from the plant másly, oil and orange essential oil cares for dehydrated and chapped lips, softens and improves. Also suitable for night regeneration.

Nutritious natural ingredients take care of the flexibility of the nose, nourish, regenerate and protect the sensitive skin of the lips from adverse effects. A small package fits perfectly in every bag.

It contains not only shea butter, but also a very effective and nutritious mixture of vegetable oils. Argan, jojoba, almonds, sesame and sunflower oil, promotes natural renewal.