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Cleansing tonic for daily regular deep cleansing of problematic and greasy skin

Bio eye make-up tonic is suitable for daily eye cleaning.

For normal and dry skin, it is intended for final deep cleansing after applying lotion. The tonic is gentle, non-irritating. The shellfish extract contains vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and carbohydrates. The product is supplemented with soothing allantoin, moisturizing panthenol and antioxidant inositol - "vitamin of youth and freshness".

Cleansing and toning skin tonic with Coenzyme Q10 and Marigold, with anti-wrinkle effect, is designed for tired skin for ultimate deep cleansing after applying lotion.

Unique cleansing and softening lotions without any preservatives, without surfactants, without perfumes, without silicones, petroleum products etc. 

Tonic for the face with extracts tužebníku, lily or witch hazel dočišťuje skin, has anti-inflammatory effect and acts against the formation of imperfections.

Tonic with heather extract or Sage helps to stabilize the production of sebum and an antibacterial agent that helps to eliminate small imperfections of the skin.

Tonic for the face with an extract of sea-buckthorn, chamomile and witch hazel cleanses and tones up the skin, but also nourishes and brightens it. Thanks to valuable natural ingredients, the skin prepares aftercare.

Gentle tonic Rose extracts and aloe vera juice cares for dry and sensitive skin. Dočišťuje, refreshing, which the skin gently, stimulates blood circulation, and at the same time it prepares for the subsequent treatment of the cream.

Cleansing tonic Ginseng not only reliably dočišťuje the remnants of mixed skin after 30. year, but also takes care of it. Tones and harmonizes it a bit excessive maštění.

Shea Skin Shea Gentle Cleansing Cleans dry, hypersensitive skin, while at the same time calming and softening it thanks to herbal extracts.

Dairy and active skin tinting takes care of the needs of young mixed skin due to the content of soothing plant extracts. Reliably cleans the remainder of the dirt and leaves the skin cleaner.

Antibacterial tonic for the person think Salvia is a big dočišťuje fatty problem skin and at the same time it is light and eliminating the repetition of imperfections.

A tonic with a mint flavor is suitable for sensitive skin, inflammatory or tender Cleansing tonic and tones. At the same time, it helps to fight against skin defects and is also suitable for the treatment of skin after shaving.

Tonic with wheatgrass extract, eleutherococcus or propolis gently cleanses the skin, tones it and helps stretch the enlarged pores.

Tonic is a sweetly spicy clove, gently cleansing tonic of inflammatory or acne prone skin, soothes, tones up and works sterile.

Tonic with essential oil of juniper cleans and tones up the skin, helps reduce swelling and tension in the fine blood vessels. At the same time slightly tightens the pores and promotes healing of acne.

Lavender tonic, gently Cleansing skin tonic and soothing it. An active substance to protect it from dryness and help it recover.

Tonic with essential tea tree oil gently cleanses the skin, relieves itching and redness and helps improve the condition of acne.

Pink tonic non-alcoholic skin Cleansing tonic, gently soothes and protects it from drying out. At the same time, encourage your natural strength and flexibility.

Tonicum is essential for morning cleansing and evening cleansing, moisturizing and refreshing during the day.

Tonicum is essential for morning cleansing and evening cleansing, moisturizing and refreshing during the day

Exceptional skin tonic, also suitable for sensitive skin, containing moisturizers and aloe vera, has a pronounced hydrating and shut-off effect.

It is designed to clean oily, problematic skin with acne manifestations. Safflower, Juniper and Tea Tree Oil extracts have an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect.

Moisturizing tonic sensitive with a high proportion of aloe juice increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Rose water and antibacterial extracts contain Willow Bark skin, soothes and nourishes.

Tonic with lavender and orange not only soothes the skin, but psyche. To promote relaxation, to facilitate even better sleep and cares for oily and combination skin.

Tonic with a wonderful aroma of roses of Damascus, Cleansing tonic and tones up the skin, soothes it and supports its hydration. After sunbathing or hair removal, fit and promote the absorption of oils and serums.

Strengthening tonic for the face of Nordic birch with moisturizing Aloe Vera and purifying the birch sugar gently cleans the skin, leaving it fresh. It is suitable for oily and normal skin.

Tonic for the face without additional perfume takes care of oily and combination skin, dirt and dočišťuje reliably excess sebum and gives the skin elasticity.