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Delicate cleansing milk deeply cleanses, regenerates E without causing irritation. Milk carefully removes all impurities on the skin and anti-aging thanks Ectoin complex of skin effectively cares.

Cleansing lotion PurDerm represents effective cleaning of problem skin at any age. Milk cleanses the skin in depth, removes dead cells, frees clogged pores and regulates the amount of sebum.

It slows down the aging of the skin and the formation of wrinkles, soothes, regenerates and softens the skin of the whole body.

It slows the aging of sensitive skin and wrinkle formation, soothes, regenerates and softens the skin. It is suitable for mature, problematic and dry skin, as well as for skin care after sunbathing. With regular use, the skin is supple, soft and supple. Suitable for whole body skin treatment.

PUR, milk is specially formulated for the needs of allergic, sensitive and very sensitive skin. It consists of green natural cleaning substances of plant origin and quality pěstících oils.

Milk from a wild rose and aloe vera extract very gently cleans the dirt of sensitive and dry skin. The growing complex of jojoba and almond oil prevents it from drying out.

moisturizes, softens, softens, regenerates and strengthens the skin

softens, nourishes, strengthens, heals and protects the skin

gentle rejuvenating care, nutrition, hydration and protection of sensitive skin

Milk Happy Aging takes care of the needs of mature skin and at the same time slightly odličuje make-up and other impurities. Exquisite compositions of a full oil plant and extracts reliably dissolve the version.

Cleansing lotion Rose and gently odličuje carefully too sensitive and dry skin. Its composition of vegetable oils and floral waters of the skin, soothes and protects.

Carefully cleansing the milk odličuje skin and snug while at the same time eliminates the appearance of defects. The composition of the complete antibacterial separation harmonizes the greasy problem skin.

Milk dissolves makeup as well as other ginseng mud and at the same time cares for the mature skin of oily scalp so far in its thirties. The combination of Botanicals eliminates the appearance of defects.

Delicate cleansing milk without added perfume Shea oil easily removes dirt from dry, supersensitive skin, protecting and protecting it from irritation.

Milk and active skin cleansing milk takes intensive care of young mixed skin during refining, thanks to nutritious vegetable oils and extracts. It soothes irritation and acts anti-inflammatory.

Used to clean the skin, neck and décolleté. 

The milk cleansing northern birch reliably removes make-up from the skin of the face and the area of sensitive eyes with zero alcohol content. To remove makeup suitable for all skin types.

Gentle cleansing milk, without perfume is reliably cleared and odličuje all types of sensitive skin allergic. The combination of plant oils and extracts effectively dissolves resistant make-up and other impurities.