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 The microwave steam steriliser is a rapid bacteria destroyer. Within two minutes, 99.9% of harmful bacteria will be killed. It is suitable for most microwave ovens and can hold 4 Philips Avent bottles or up to 6 other Philips Avent bottles at once. The device is suitable for home use or on the go, and visits to family and friends.

 Easy and Safe Use A reference warming guide is provided on the container that lists the warming time for all Philips Avent bottle sizes, depending on the temperature of the milk. With hot water from one pre-filled thermolahve (500 ml), several bottles can be heated.

 AVENT Steam Sterilizer 3 in 1 is extremely fast and safe. It sterilizes up to 6 bottles of AVENT 330ml in just 6 minutes and automatically shuts down.

 This electric heater saves you time and nerves. In just three minutes, the milk is heated, you can simply defrost it and it can also be used to heat up baby food. It's just a compatible helper that will become your right hand.

 Use at home and on the road 
The new Microwave Steam Express II Steam Sterilizer lets you sterilize 6 AVENT bottles so you can sterilize bottles all day at a time.

 Philips AVENT electric baby bottle and baby food heater is a quick and safe way to heat and thaw suckled breast milk or baby milk and other baby food in infant bottles and containers. There is even heating due to circulating the food over the whole heating period

 The Philips AVENT baby bottle and baby food heater is a fast and safe way to heat suckled breast milk or other baby food; 150 ml of room temperature milk is warmed in about 3 minutes. There is even heating due to circulating the food over the whole heating period.

 Philips AVENT offers a faster, easier and safer way of heating milk and baby food.

 The Philips AVENT SCF355 / 00 baby heater and baby food heater is a quick and safe way to heat suckled breast milk or other baby food. 150 ml of room temperature milk is warmed in about 3 minutes. There is even heating due to circulating the food over the whole heating period.

 Philips Avent Steam Sterilizer 4v1 

Electric Steam Sterilizer with size adjustment, suitable for all types of wide and narrow neck bottles and integrated dishwasher basket.

 For light and fast use we offer a safe and reliable bottle heater. Thanks to the fixed temperature the heater keeps, you will be sure that baby food will always have the right temperature. The heater is easy to operate, fast and safe. The heater is equipped with a PTC ceramic thermal system with a functional self-protection that stabilizes the operation of all heater functions and increases its service life.

 The natural electric heater is designed for parents who appreciate the comfort and versatility of the product. 
This heater is not only used to heat fast food but also serves as a sterilizer. 
It is easy to sterilize the teats, pacifiers or bottles. The heater also has a tray for thick food heating 
and is compatible with most bottles on the market.

 Babymoov Microwave Sterilizer Cream 
Steam sterilizer for sterilization in a microwave oven within 4-7 minutes (depending on performance).

 Babymoov Bottle heater Tulip Home & Car Cream 
A practical heater for baby bottles and baby food suitable for home and car use.

 Type: multifunction device Color: white Product design: white color, green color, brown color Multifunction device to help prepare baby food. It has 5 functions: it boils (steamed), mixes, defrosts, heats and sterilizes. Very spacious, heats or sterilizes up to 3 baby bottles at the same time. It has a digital display for easy operation of all functions, acoustic and optical alarm and automatic shutdown. Benefits: 

 Babymoov travel bottle heater Blue Stars 
Heater designed for heating all types of baby bottles and baby food without the need of el. energy.

 Babymoov ohřívač lahví cestovní Auto Speed Stars 
Ohřívač určený k ohřívání všech typů kojeneckých lahví adětských příkrmů v autě.

 The portable heater is an ideal assistant for long trips by car. 
Turn the device into the cigarette lighter socket just to warm the baby's food without stopping.

 The portable heater is an ideal assistant for long trips by car. 
Turn the device into the cigarette lighter socket just to warm the baby's food without stopping.

 It serves for simple, quick and safe sterilization of baby bottles, teats, suction cups and other baby products. When using these bags, sterilization takes only 1.5 minutes. Water vapor, which, when sterilized in the bag, destroys up to 99.9% of the bacteria. Each bag can be used up to 20 times - therefore, 1 pack containing 5 bags lasts up to 100 sterilizations. Bags do not contain BPA.

 The multifunctional baby bottle heater offers three functions in one. It can heat bottles and complete food and serve as a sterilizer for feed supplements, such as teats, suits or cutlery.

 Perfect hygiene is the basis for healthy newborn development, especially in the first weeks of life, when its immune system is not yet fully prepared for bacterial traps, and the dishwasher is not sufficient. The bacterium completely and quickly removes the steam steam sterilizer BAYBY BBS 3010 by hot steam.

 Bayby has created an aid for all parents. While feeding small babies, keep baby bottles or whole meals warm by using the bottle heater. The device is designed for use not only in the home but also on the road, so you can use it for example on excursions or walking in the city. A baby can get hungry anytime and anywhere, but you will always be ready with the bottle heater.

 The multifunctional baby food heater BAYBY BBW 2020 heats milk and stews, sterilizes baby bottles and even can brew steam

 Children's dishes will not be wearing any bacteria or other organic germs that could weaken baby's immunity. This will provide a microwave steam sterilizer with a capacity of up to 6 bottles. The process is fast - just 5 minutes, and within two minutes after finishing, the dishes are cool and ready for use.

 2-in-1 digital baby food heater: Heats up the food and keeps it warm. LED temperature display, suitable for all commercially available bottles and glasses, including a jack for easy jar removal and an automatic switch. The device is easy to clean.

 An electric steam sterilizer for baby bottles and teats is a handy helper for moms who take care of the health of their newborn. Simple operation of the device with one button. Removes dangerous bacteria from bottles in just 10 minutes.

 NUK Microwave Sterilizer Plus 
Babies require careful care - especially in the field of feeding. To make your children simple to feed several times a day and to have a clean and sterilized bottle every time, we have created a NUK Sterilizer for a microwave that efficiently sterilized any NUK products in just 4 minutes.

 Features: Ideal for daily sterilization of baby bottles (except PA bottles) and accessories that are suitable for microwave ovens. Sterilize up to four bottles and accessories in just four minutes (power setting to 1,000 watts).

 Nuk Steam Saponifier Vapo 2v1. 
Steam Sterilizer Nuk Vapo sterilizes baby utensils, while allowing steady cooking of steam. 
Bottles and accessories are reliably disinfected in just 15 minutes, only clean steam.

 Sterilizes baby bottles, pacifiers, rings and accessories in a natural way - steam. 
Suitable even for small microwave ovens 
Side handles eliminate the risk of burning 
Holds up to 3 bottles with wide throat including accessories 
Steam naturally displaces microbes and bacteria

 Fast and environmentally friendly steam disinfection without the addition of chemicals. The sterilizer is designed for up to 4 bottles and accessories. Suitable for all standard microwave ovens.

 The REER Simply Hot heater is suitable for all food containers with a diameter of up to 70 mm. It is used to warm children's nutrition in glasses and bottles, its heating is gentle and ensures even heating in a water bath with a heat preservation function.

 Reer VapoMax Sterilizer is a device that disinfects fast and reliable water vapor. The device can only be used to disinfect baby bottles and their accessories and other needs.

 Electric Bottle Heater 
With the Suavinex Link ™ Bottler, you can quickly and easily heat and defrost food for your baby. The three-way Link ™ heating system can be used as a device for artificial food bottles and is homogenized with products or bags and bottles of breast milk whose temperature should be lower than with warming.

 Thermos bottle and bottle heater C2N: Thermos bottle and travel bottle heater will make it easy for your child to feed on the road or on a trip.

 Universal electric milk heater and household dishwasher. Thanks to the large opening, the heater offers the possibility of heating and bottles with a wide neck. It is possible to set the heating temperature. The thermostat maintains a constant temperature, quickly heats milk and baby food. Dimensions vxh approx. 15x13 cm, hole diameter approx. 8 cm.

 The electric sterilizer is suitable for sterilizing baby bottles and their accessories (except for bottle cleaning brushes). Package includes: Electric sterilizer, 2 bottles 150 ml, comforter, bottle brush.

 Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature's light, compact sterilizer makes it easy and fast to sterilize up to 4 baby bottles and accessories in about 4-8 minutes (depending on microwave power). The closed steriliser content remains sterile for 24 hours. Compact size allows it to be used on the go.

 Child Bottle Heater 3v1 301 
Topcom Bottle Heater that combines 3 functions in 1 device. 

quick and easy warming of baby bottles, 
integrated thermostat keeps temperature, 
sterilizing bottles before use.