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The combination of green tea and mint leaves is a real summer snack. Touarég has a dark yellow infusion and a full, strong taste. In addition to antioxidant effects, it encourages and maintains concentration.

The combination of green tea and sweet spicy cardamom will warm you in the winter and refresh in the summer. Contains antioxidants, maintains concentration and memory, and also counteracts acid reflux and increased acidity.

The use of Japanese Bancha tea contains large tea leaves that bark on shrubs after the first harvest. Light appetite with bitter overtones stimulates the digestive tract.

This green sencha tea has a fresh, slightly roasted oolong flavor. It contains some caffeine and is also suitable for evening drinking, and can also be used by the elderly or young children.

Quality Japanese green tea from the first collection has a gentle stimulating taste.

Favorite Japanese tea contains a mixture of tea leaves from the second collection, fried rice and freshly ground matte tea. This makes it a slightly sweet taste and an interesting taste of mild fried.

Japanese green tea inspiration is a source of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fiber. It is suitable as an ingredient in homemade ice cream, cocktails and other sweet dishes.

Green tea of Japanese tea Kabu Kukicha contains tea leaves and stems from the first collection. It has a delicate fresh, naturally sweet taste without any overtones.

Enjoy the delicious taste of quality green tea in a warm and cold form. Sacks with a pyramid can improve taste and aroma.

Japanese black tea with a higher degree of oxidation gives a brown-red infusion and has a vivid taste with a sweet aroma and deeper floral tones of rose hips or orchids.

he smallest in the world, a pocket inhaler. For home use.

Innovative Mesh technology - Vibrating Mesh Technology (V.M.T.)
A wide range of medications used: the possibility of inhalation of hormones and antibiotics
Noiseless inhalations
No pre-treatment is required before inhalation
Works effectively with a small volume of a drug (from 0.5 ml)
The minimum residual volume (0.1 ml)
Significantly shorter time of inhalation (no need to dilute the medicine)
4 hours of continuous inhalation from two finger batteries
One button control, two modes selection: Easy cleaning and disinfection

An air purifier with high density plasmacaclast ion technology with humidifying and air circulation function for home use. This device is recommended for a room with an area of ​​approximately 21 square meters.

Sharp KCA50EUW Air purifier with patented high-density plasma ion technology with humidifying and circulating air for home use. This device is recommended for a room of about 38 m2.

Sharp KC-D40EU-W Air Purifier with patented high density plasma-ion technology with humidifying and air circulation function for home use.

  • MULTI - SANOSTOL is a dietary supplement that provides the body with many valuable nutrients, supporting its operation. Additionally, it contains calcium and enhances bone structure. For use from 2 years of age

 Child Bottle Heater 3v1 301 
Topcom Bottle Heater that combines 3 functions in 1 device. 

quick and easy warming of baby bottles, 
integrated thermostat keeps temperature, 
sterilizing bottles before use.

Topcom digital thermometer for bath. Measurement in ° C. LED temperature readout for children bath (range 0 - 50 ° C). Bright LED display. Countdown timer. Adjustable high temperature water alarm. High precision. Automatic shutdown after 30 min. Waterproof. Power 2 x LR44.