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Darman Tabriz 30g
Mint KOTAK 25gr.
Dr. Popov Tea Deacidification and immunity 20 x 1.5 g
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Refreshing tea from the bark of Pomeranets has a positive effect not only on the respiratory system, but also has a positive effect on digestion.

Herbal tea teaspoon strengthens the body during stressful periods. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system and an antioxidant.

Herbal pink petal tea leaves harmonize digestion, and also affect the female hormonal system.

The leaves of the trojlisté Louise are due to its smell, great for preparing lemon refreshing tea, which has a relaxing effect and also supports the immunity or the excretion of water from the body.

Tea, the effects of which affect not only the health, the quality of the skin and the internal condition of the body, but also the improvement of the lymphatic system.

THE HOPS AND FLOWERS of the approved cannabis varieties DO NOT contain the psychoactive THC component (less than 0.2%), but it contains CANABIDIOL (CBD) - up to 1.6%.

Dr.Popov Tea Rooibos 20x1.5g

Rooibos tea, 30 g (20 x 1.5 g) - Delicate African decaffeinated African tea.

Dr.Popov Tea Maté zelené list 20x1.5g

Tea Maté green leaf, 30 g (20 x 1,5 g) - Maté zelené list, 30 g (20 x 1,5 g), herbal tea.

African decaffeinated tea. 

Tea of ​​Chinese emperors unrepeatable slightly smoky taste. It has low caffeine content. Suitable for overweight, elevated cholesterol and alcohol in the blood.

Tea of ​​Chinese emperors unrepeatable slightly smoky taste. It has low caffeine content. Suitable for overweight, elevated cholesterol and alcohol in the blood.

Problematic skin is closely related, among other things, to the need for cleansing the body.

Pink hibiscus, blackcurrant, dandelion and birch - to maintain proper kidney and urinary tract and drainage of the organism.

Dr.Popov Tea GUNPOWDER 20x1.5g

GUNPOWDER Tea, 30 g, 20 infusion bags - Chinese Green Tea "Gun Dust".

Dr.Popov Tea Pu-Erh malina n.s.20x1.5g

Dark brown-red Chinese tea with a great raspberry flavor.

A stimulating national drink of South America. Loose tea suitable for weight reduction.

Maté is an ancient South American "sorcerer" herb, South America, as well known as Green Tea or Mandragora in the East.

Stopcukr 30 g

Herbal tea with blueberry leaf.

You will love this tea after the first sip.

Dr.Popov Tea Chamomile care 50g

Fruit flavored with Dr. Popov.

Dr.Popov Tea Pu-Erh orange n.s.20x1.5g

Dark brown-red Chinese tea with a great orange flavor.

Delicious tea, which combines the taste of lemon, apple, rosehip and raisins. For added flavor, we added lemon grass and lemon leaf.

A good gift for your loved ones.

Tea Herbal Reducing Oxygen 20x1.5g Dr.Popov Otylka®. Herbal tea at overweight. 30 g - 20 infusion bags.

It contains herbs that help cleanse the body: beetroot and dandelion support general cleansing, nettle and pansy cleans blood, pink hibiscus and oman promote healthy excretion of pollutants by the urinary tract.

DR.POPOV Dr.Popov Tulsi Basil Sacred 20x1.5g - Tulsi - Sacred Basil, 30 g - 20 infusion bags 1,5 g,

Dr.Popov Tea Maté Lemon 20x1.5g

Maté Lemon tea, 30 g (20 x 1.5 g) - Maté Lemon, herbal tea from South America, flavored.

Herbal tea in cold and cough. This tea is a supplement to the diet.

Favorite tea, which contains herbs to cleanse the body - nettle, lime and pomegranate. Universal Cleansing Tea Dr. Popova contains herbs suitable for cleaning the body.

Livie herbal tea contains a balm for hormonal balance, contours, yarrows and dandruff for menstrual and premenstrual comfort, and female-female for overall vitality.

Dr. Popov Tea Acidification and Immunity 20x1.5g - herbal tea contains dandelion, vilcacor and marigold

Herbal sparkling tea Krk, Mandle.

Fluid accumulation in tissues causes swelling.

Edemin contains herbs for drainage

Dr. Popov Tea Hyperton 20x1.5g - for normal cardiovascular system activity

100 miles of herbal tea contains herbs for good condition of the lower limbs: a medallion for the normal functioning of the circulatory system and a black currant that helps maintain the muscles and joints.