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Klosterfrau Allergin are among the homeopathic remedies. They are used to treat hay fever.

The drug is an anti-inflammatory and antiallergic medicine, which is considered homeopathic. Klosterfrau Allergin includes not only the dosage form of drops, but also tablets and globules. Thanks to its natural ingredients Klosterfrau Allergin is great for self-treatment. Therefore, homeopathic medicine is considered well tolerated. In addition, the use of the drug, designed as a problem-free, can also be on the go. In addition, the drug can also be well combined with conventional antiallergic drugs.

Мягкая капсула Advil Ultra Forte обладает болеутоляющим, анти-лихорадочным  и противовоспалительным эффектом. Мягкая капсула содержит активный ингредиент ибупрофен в жидкой форме и при высоких дозах, что приводит к быстрому всасыванию

Veterinary Oral Cleansing Paste Indications: Prevention and treatment of infections in cats caused by roundworms found in the lumen of the intestine: