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  • Weight: 0.24kg - 0.27kg

Shampoo, full of nutrients such as corn or wheat protein helps to strengthen the hair from the roots to the tips and prevents them from smoothes out curly hair

Shampoo with extracts of rosemary, sage or desserts gently peeled with colored hair, as a rule, strengthens, smoothes their structure and strengthens their growth.

Shampoo with juice extract, jojoba oil and wheat protein take care of hair and scalp. Hair calms, smoothes, gives shine and prevents damage.

Shampoo deeply nourishes dry or damaged hair and scalp thanks to Mirabella oils and extracts from juice or aloe vera.

Mango conditioner, enriched with mango oil provides rich care and nutrition. Thanks to the content of extracts and oils, the volume is natural and healthy shine and leaves the hair soft and healthy looking.

Coconut conditioner intensively regenerates dry damaged hair due to the high content of nutrient oils and plant extracts. It comes to a dull sheen and restores lost flexibility.

Shampoo for oily hair, lemon tea tree cares for hair and scalp, it dissolves excess sebum and leaves hair light, soft and less oily scalp.

Shampoo with raspberry extract cares for all types of hair, giving it a beautiful healthy shine, teeth and at the same time preventing curls.

The conditioner, enriched with an extract of red grapes and a nutritious oil cares of the damaged hair. Heal their structures and also takes care of the colors.

A gentle conditioner without added perfume and takes care of the sensitive scalp, giving the hair the necessary nutrients and hydration and leaving it soft and light.

The conditioner with Apple extracts and ginger cares for fine hair it's easy to plihnoucí. Thanks to the content of plant extracts, it gives a healthy shine and a natural volume.

Universal soap with tea tree extract has a fresh fragrance and is as beautiful as caring for the body, so when cleaning. It can be used in 18 ways, and you will appreciate it when you travel.

Universal soap all-alone with the sweet smell of almonds will delight you with 18 use cases. It's like a great cosmetic, like an assistant in the house. And it is useful on the go!

Universal washing and cleaning agent with the scent of lavender finds its application in skin care, hair and teeth and house cleaning. And you will appreciate it on the go.

Universal soap without fragrance is also suitable for young children and anyone with sensitive skin. It is suitable for leaving the body and as a detergent at home. And you will appreciate it when you travel.

Shampoo with a pleasant aroma of damask rose suitable for weak and damaged hair, which helps to moisturize and smooth and leave them beautifully soft.

Shampoo with a pleasant smell of kiwi and lime thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair, leaving it beautifully smooth and shiny. It is suitable for frequent use.

Shampoo for coconut oil is great for dry hair without shine. It perfectly moisturizes and, thanks to the content of the protein of wheat or oats, restores their structure, elasticity and shine.

Shampoo with a sensual scent of lavender and jasmine returns loose hair and flexibility. It moisturizes and protects against electrification or damage during editing.

Shampoo with aloe vera and sea salt thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp without causing irritation. At the same time, it soothes the skin and protects it from irritation.

Shampoo is for all types of hair and can be used for daily washing. Contains caring extracts and sea salt and leaves hair with pleasant aromas.

Shampoo thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp and, thanks to its soft formula, is suitable for frequent use. In addition, it will leave your hair beautifully fragrant with coconut.

A shampoo with melon oil extract and gently washes and the scalp. In addition, you will give your hair a pleasant sheen and pleasantly fragrant leaves. Suitable for daily use.

Shampoo, combining the effects of sea salt, tea tree and citrus oil and gently cleanses normal for oily hair, soothes the skin and copes with the magnifying glass.

Intensive lavender conditioner is actively taken care of dry hair damaged by dyeing or increased by regulating hot air. Raising a mixture of vegetable oils, restores damaged hair.

The conditioner of Aloe Vera cares for normal and dry hair, gives shine, durability and makes them easier after treatment. Aloe Vera eliminates the damage, adds healthy shine and hydration to the hair.

Chocolate accessories take care of all types of hair, making it soft and silky. A perfumed conditioner takes care of the hair and your senses with the help of extracts from cocoa butter and sweet vanilla.

Coconut conditioner takes care mainly of normal and dry hair exposed to split hair. Prevents damage to your hair and Split ends and makes them well-groomed appearance.

The tea tree air conditioner is great for caring for oily hair, preventing them quick plihnutí and updating them. Removes excess fat, but at the same time takes care of the hair and giving it a healthy sheen.

The conditioner with fresh crumpled smell is suitable for all types of hair. This facilitates their combing, gives them a natural sheen and increases their resistance to damage.

Shampoo Moisture & Care lightly but thoroughly cleanses the sensitive scalp. It contains fine detergents and is enriched with fruit extracts. Suitable for all hair types.

Excellent shine for hair and color protection can be achieved with the help of Bio-shampoo with cranberries and bio-avocados.

Shampoo for normal and oily hair.

Treat your strained hair with organic roses and pea protein. Your hair will be soft and not tangled.

With bio-macadam and almond oil. It completely revitalizes and restores damaged hair.

Shampoo with honey and beer is just right for thin and limp hair lifeless. Beer hair naturally natuží and give them volume from the roots. Honey will be strengthened by the structure of brittle and fragile hair.

Shampoo for very sensitive and reactive skin with a soothing complex of honey, lily and pomegranate. Gently cleanses přesušenou and allergic skin and does not irritate it for frequent washing.

Shampoo for colored hair with chamomile is designed for naturally light or odbarvované hair. Extracts of chamomile and calendula hair naturally enhance, revitalize, highlighting their light shadows.

Shampoo with marigold extract is exactly right for tired and weakened hair. Strengthening the combination of liquid silk oil and wheat germ oil returns liveliness and healthy shine.

A nut shampoo is for natural colors of colored hair or naturally dark brown to black. The nut extract of the hair gently cleanses, strengthens and restores their dark shadows.