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Hami Safari 6x180g

 The Fedal Doppler SPD 100S is a great option for all expectant mothers to listen to the heartbeat of their unborn child.

This serum contains 96% of natural components, it has a powerful antioxidant effect, improves overall tone and skin microrelief, rejuvenates and increases its elasticity. With regular application of BIOAQUA Essence Wonder, the serum can pull up the face oval and cope with fine wrinkles, smooth out the skin tone and return her firmness and freshness. Suitable for all skin types.

Sexy costume of beautiful cleaners 
- High quality design 
- Costume includes: dresses, bracelets, headband, panties, butterfly, duster 
- One size - 32-38

Hami SAFARI cookies give children a natural source of energy from 6 kinds of cereals and important vitamins, calcium and iron. The playful form of cookies in the form of animals is specially adapted to the hand of a small child.

Hami Keksíky cereal crackers are made from 6 kinds of cereals and contain calcium, iron and B vitamins. For their delicious taste and easy digestibility, Hami Keksíky is ideal as a complement to breakfast or snack. Shape and size are specially formulated into small children's hands and easily dissolved in the mouth.d.

Hami SAFARI cookies give children a natural source of energy from 6 kinds of cereals and important vitamins, calcium and iron. The playful form of cookies in the form of animals is specially adapted to the hand of a small child.

Hami Keksíky cereal crackers are made from 6 kinds of cereals and contain calcium, iron and B vitamins. For their delicious taste and easy digestibility, Hami Keksíky is ideal as a complement to breakfast or snack. Shape and size are specially formulated into small children's hands and easily dissolved in the mouth.d.

 Babysense II is a low-cost device designed for use in homes and medical facilities suitable for essentially healthy babies, except infants with a high risk of breathing problems requiring permanent medical supervision.

 BABYSENSE 5 is a non-contact sensor for breath movements with 2 sensors that can change their sensitivity. 
No more false alarms! It is designed to detect breathing irregularities, apnea, or to prevent SIDS in children during their first year of life. 
Babysense technology, along with highly sensitive sensors in the plates, provides monitoring even the smallest breathing micro-motions of the baby through the mattress during and outside sleeping. In the case of breathing or irregularity, a sound and light-signaling alarm is triggered to provide a critical time to save the child

 Monitor dechu BABYSENSE 7 je nástupcem velmi oblíbeného modelu Babysense 5 a hlavní novinkou roku 2018 Izraelského výrobce Hisense. 
Jedná se o nejmodernější bezdotykový monitor dechu na světě vybavený dvěmi senzorovými podložkami a designově nadčasovou atraktivní kontrolní jednotkou se zvukovým a vizuálním signalizačním alarmem. Monitor dechu Babysense 7 identifikuje vzorce dýchání Vašeho dítěte, které jsou přeneseny do kompaktního mikroprocesoru, umístěného v kontrolní jednotce přístroje. 
Pokud z jakéhokoli důvodu není detekováno dýchání po dobu delší než 20 sekund, nebo pokud se sníží počet dechů na méně než 10 dechů za minutu, je spuštěn akustický a vizuální alarm.

 The BABYSENSE 1 Breath Monitor was developed as a cheaper alternative to the most commonly used BABYSENSE II breath monitor. Breath Monitor BABYSENSE, as the only product in the world, meets the most demanding clinical trials and is also registered as a medical aid. The BABYSENSE 1 Breath Monitor has reached a proven, well-tuned infant breathing monitoring technology, but has been equipped with just one sensor pad for greater client availability and choice of variability. BABYSENSE 1 is therefore a more affordable variant of a clinically tested breath monitor for those parents who want to secure their baby in their most vulnerable period. In order to ensure continuous child safety even when it is already moving in the crib, it is recommended that the manufacturer additionally purchase the second sensor pad.

TCM Formule 181 Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is the main compound for the nutrition of the kidneys, liver and spleen. It is suitable for weakness in the shoulders or hot heart.

TCM Formula 191 Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan or a bracelet of eight pearls is suitable for general exhaustion, fatigue and inefficiency.

TCM Formula 077 Jian Pi Wan is a combination of herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine for digestive problems.

TCM Formula 182 Qi Ju Di Huang Wan, or Jade Neck Jewelry, is recommended in traditional Chinese medicine for eye fatigue.

TCM Formula 092 Ma Zi Ren Wan, or Running the Jungle on the River, contains a combination of herbs used in Chinese medicine in case of constipation.

TCM Formula 074 Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan or cleaning of the Cesspool warehouse contains a concentrated herbal extract extracted from traditional Chinese medicine.

TCM Formula 151 Si Jun Zi Wan or Four Pill is suitable for fatigue, weakness of the limbs, pale skin and facial feces. In particular, according to TČM, it complements the Qi spleen.

The TCM formula Xiao Yao Wan or Free Freedom Freelance is suitable for problems with digestion or menstruation.

TCM Formula 052 Tao Hong Si Wu Wan or Hoop Escape is suitable for women suffering from shortages or blood clots.

TCM Formula 014 Long Dan Xie Gan Wan cools heat and moisture from the liver and gall bladder.

Wu Wei Xiao Du Wan TCM Formula 011 is suitable for various skin manifestations associated with an increase, sensitivity or redness and helps to eliminate heat.

TCM Formula 003 Sang Yu Yin Wan, or the fragrance of a spring flower, contains herbs such as licorice or mulberry, frees the hot wind and facilitates the circulation of the brain in the lungs.

TCM Formule 002 Yin Qiao Jie Du Wan is a mild morning mist that is suitable for conditions associated with fever and itching in the throat, especially during spring and summer.

TCM Formula 186 May Wei Di Huang Wang is particularly suitable for long-term weakened organisms and enhances the chain of renal and pulmonary energy.

The formula TCM 133 Mai Men Dong Wan or the filling of a small cup contains a combination of plants harvested in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine.

Shu Jing Huo Xue Wan, or Dragon Age Crossroads, is suitable for conditions related to blood blockage, such as muscle tension or heavy legs.

TCM Formula The Tiger Spring helps to improve the body condition with fatigue, malaise, a heavy body and legs, dizziness after standing and chronic diarrhea.

Formulas TCM 071 Mu Xiang Shun Qi Wan, or Middle Temple Shelter, contains a concentrated extract from a combination of herbs harvested in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine.

"Silk fan-cane" is used in skin manifestations, accompanied by itching. It releases and removes wind, as well as heat and humidity, and also strengthens the spleen of Chi.

Elegant and sexy dress from amazing black satin.

Everything depends on the details that René Rofe was aware of when designing this garter belt. On the sides it is decorated with seductive lace of the highest quality and the rest of the belt is made of trendy crossed straps.

Sexy black mesh tights with lace ribbon lace.

Black stockings with a beautiful pattern. Upper reinforced rim. Very nice touch. The material is 100% nylon.

Sexy black mesh tights with back seam.

Female intimate silver jewelry clamps for the labia or clitoris.

Dance pole for beginners stripper. It consists of three slots. The lower part has an extended leg with a rubber gasket against sliding. The upper part is telescopic and has a wide leg on the ceiling - again with a rubber protector.

Have you ever tried to wear evening panties? Learn to use a new weapon to seduce! Through your hole, you season your sex life and give it a new impetus.

XXL 9754 Seven'til Midnight Pants perfect your love evening! The front is triangular in shape, at the rear they have a diamond cut that reveals your sensual butt! The lightweight material is surrounded by a delicate lace trim. These charming erotic panties are available in two color variants: black and black and pink. Enjoy the feeling of being irresistibly sexy!

Stylish thong with beads will not only delight women and ladies. Beads located from the front effectively stimulate the clitoris, and thus act as an exciting stimulus.

Enjoy your partner using this massage oil with vanilla stimulant.

Edible composition, inviting you to a passionate massage, when you will gradually try your bodies to the limit of your excitement. Oil can be applied to any part of the body, including intimate parts.

 The Snuza PICO breath monitor is 40% smaller than Snuza HERO. It is simple to operate and can be connected to the phone for constant monitoring of your baby's baby's stomach.

 Parents are most anxious when their newborn baby comes home for the first time. You wake up every 10 to 15 minutes during the night and check your baby or it's okay. The innovative Snuza Hero MD monitor on your diaper gives you confidence when you need it most. Snuza is a leading manufacturer of portable baby monitors that provide peace of mind for tired and troubled parents. The baby monitor on the diaper is a practical and wise device that monitors your baby's tummy movement. If your baby's stomach does not move within 15 seconds, he will alert you with a loud alarm.

 The baby monitor Vtech BM2000 with a clear display is a sophisticated helper for your baby with a range of up to 300 meters. In addition to the basic model (VTech BM1000), it is equipped with a color display on the parent unit and extended functions on the children's unit (lullabies, room thermometer, night light). Consequently, it meets all the requirements of a modern and safe child monitoring device, such as DECT Crystal clear audio technology, power and charging indicators, adjustable audible and visual volume control (5 levels) and high quality speakers. It is possible to use the power supply of the parent unit from a network or battery with up to 14 hours of monitoring time.

 Babysitter in white-red coloring including child and maternity unit. The units are without display but with a high battery life for the mother unit, up to 14 hours of monitoring time. The range of units in the interior is up to 50 m, in the exterior up to 300 m. They have an adjustable volume level for alerts.

You will appreciate peeled almonds as a delicious delicacy for direct consumption or you will be involved in preparing other dishes.

Pumpkin seed in BIO quality. This favorite delicacy is unsalted, not roasted and does not need to peel.

Burkach loves almost everyone. Here you will find the highest BIO quality ideal for festive and Asian cuisine, even in raw quality.

Hemp oil has a delicious hazelnut flavor and is an excellent source of protein, antioxidants, vitamin E, carotene and chlorophyll.

Cold pressed cannabis oil with an optimal ratio of unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 in a 3: 1 ratio for optimal nutrition.