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List of products by brand Эвалар (Russia)

The company "Evalar" produces biologically active additives, natural medicines and cosmetics, designed to maintain and promote health, improve the quality of life.

World standards and high technologies

Products "Evalar" is made in accordance with the requirements of world quality standards ISO and GMP. The laboratories of ZAO Evalar are equipped with all necessary equipment, which allows:

100% input control of raw materials,

multistage control at all stages of the technological process,

quality monitoring of finished products.

Raw materials used for the production of drugs are grown mainly in ecologically clean zones of the Altai Territory. The rest of the ingredients are purchased from reliable suppliers from France, Switzerland and other countries.

"Evalar" introduces advanced production technologies that allow extracts with maximum biological activity to be obtained. The effectiveness of our products is confirmed by numerous studies of leading Russian institutions.

Evalar Natur Grippin powder with vit. С (10 bags)
€4.52 €7.53 -40%
€4.52 €7.53 -40%

Instant hot drink for adults with acute colds and respiratory diseases. Careful help to the body at the first sign of cold and flu

Laminaria is an ancient dietary food product that contains iodine. Regular intake of kelp fills the deficiency of iodine in the body and maintains the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland.