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List of products by brand LAVERA (Germany)

Shampoo Moisture & Care lightly but thoroughly cleanses the sensitive scalp. It contains fine detergents and is enriched with fruit extracts. Suitable for all hair types.

Excellent shine for hair and color protection can be achieved with the help of Bio-shampoo with cranberries and bio-avocados.

Shampoo for normal and oily hair.

Treat your strained hair with organic roses and pea protein. Your hair will be soft and not tangled.

With bio-macadam and almond oil. It completely revitalizes and restores damaged hair.

Cleansing milk 2-in-1 gently cleanses make-up and thoroughly cleanses. Due to its thin composition it is also suitable for sensitive areas around the eyes and for the most delicate skin types.

Suitable for everyday use and for every skin type.

Ginkgo & Hrozen Cleansing Gel thoroughly cleanses and thoroughly mixes the delicate and oily skin. Extract of ginkgo and grape seeds deeply cleanses the skin.

Purifying lotion Ginkgo & Hrozen intensively cares for oily and mixed skin. It tones up, refreshes and, of course, removes dirt and make-up remnants.

Natural moisturizing moisturizing cleansing dry and sensitive skin molybbum extracts soothe and prevent irritation, while almonds nourish and nourish.

Sunscreen for sensitive skin soft is suitable for the youngest. Contain extracts of calendula soothes and reduces redness.

Waterproof sunscreen with a thicker protection factor of 30 with organic sunflower oil extracts and organic marigolds.

The sun lotion SPF 20 tanning spray also protects the delicate sensitive skin from sunburn and irritation due to mineral content filters.

Intensive moisturizing cream Wild Face Face takes care of dry, sensitive skin with macadam and nut butter. The combination of oils, oils and extracts with pink leaves leaves the skin supple, protected from redness.

Moisturizing cream with coenzyme Q10 returns the skin with an ideal youthful look. Nourishing vegetable oils and moisturizing aloe vera juice for the care of mature skin. The cream is very easily absorbed.

Protective base cream Sensitive with jojobou and Shi provides your skin with nourishing and restorative care. Extracts of echinacea and linden blossom skin soothe and protect it from further irritation.

The universal cream thanks to its dense consistency is ideal for dry and stressed skin all over the body. Shea, oils and extracts give depleted skin all the necessary substances.

Face cream with primrose oil and shea butter provides special protection for sensitive and allergic skin. Supports immunity and skin regeneration.

A universal base sensitive moisturizing cream helps to care for the face and body due to nutritious oils and soothing extracts of aloe vera. The skin nourishes, softens and calms down in one step.

Balancing, matting cream with green tea and marigold care and combination skin, moisturizes and reduces the production of sebum and softens the appearance of the pore. Harmonizes the color tone of the skin.

Light serum hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 or Karanji oil protects the skin from dehydration and maintains its strength and flexibility.

Peeling, a mask of 3 in 1 deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead skin cells, regulates the production of sebum, has healing effects on acne and prevents its recurrence.

Light whey, rich in biosacharidy and natural extracts helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment and supports its hydration

Gentle face scrub with jojoba extract, ginkga and deeply cleanses all skin types, it removes excess sebum and brightens the skin. Ginkgo supports the natural regeneration of the skin.

The conditioner with extracts of mallow, avocado and pearls provides unsurpassed shine and softness of hair, ideal for dry, glossy hair and lack of life

Repair and Care The conditioner takes care of dry, stressful hair that tends to tremble and break. The combination of vegetable oils and keratin hair strengthens and finishes its structure.

With a palette combining four mixed eye shadow, you can easily trigger a simple and striking look. The composition contains a number of vegetable oils or oils and is enriched with extracts of care.

Conditioner Color & Shine takes care of the health and color of dyed and tanned hair. Fruit and vegetable extracts, together with oils of oil care, soften hair and facilitate combing.

Lightly textured silky eye cream covers your eyelids with purple plum paint and take care of your delicate skin throughout the day thanks to natural oils.

Basis Sensitive Conditioner provides volume, facilitates combing of hair and gives a pleasant smell. A careful combination of vegetable oils nourishes and is also suitable for sensitive scalp.

Silky, creamy, light-textured eye shadow covers your eyelids with a sparkling golden hue and take care of your delicate skin throughout the day thanks to natural oils.

Eye shadow in a bright shade of beige color with shades of gold instantly brighten your look. Rich pigmentation and the build-up of natural ingredients will guarantee an excellent make-up result throughout the day.

Eyeshadow with high-quality mineral pigments cover your eyelids with a unique gray-blue tint, which adds an elegant and refined look. They are perfectly combined with gray and black hues.

Shadows in soft pink with a small mother of pearl has a very complex and youthful impression. Thanks to the subtle flickering brighten up your face and perfectly combined with other neutral shades.

Transparent gel perfectly captures your eyebrows and can be used individually or in combination with your favorite eyebrow pencil. Thanks to vegetable oils, it provides your eyelashes and eyebrows with useful benefits.

Eyeshadow in neutral, medium brown shades will be an integral part of your everyday makeup. Thanks to their high-quality composition, they are very easy to apply and maintain in perfect condition throughout the day.

Mascara with a curved brush perfectly separates the eyelashes, enlarges them and covers them with a layer of black, giving you a look at the eyes. At the same time, kelp protects from burglary or falling.

Mono shadows in a unique shade šedohnědém are ideal for the owner of blue eyes. Soft satin gloss will brighten your look and a quality composition with intense mineral pigments will give your eyes a highlight.

Lipstick will give your lips a distinctive dark purple hue with a slight cold shade. Natural oils and waxes take care of the bottom and leave them beautifully soft and supple.

Eyeshadow in charming lavender color gives you an elegant look. Thanks to natural extracts, the eye area does not irritate the eye, and high-quality mineral pigments guarantee an intense shade.

Lipstick in a classic bright red color with a warm tint is suitable for any occasion. This will add to your lips the necessary care for their softness and elasticity

Mono eyeshadow in a matte cream shade brightens your eyes and is universal for use both individually and in combination with other colors. Evenly cover the cover with a matte beige veil.

lightly shiny lipsticks in dark pink shades will brighten your lips. Well done it is applied and during the day on the delicate skin of the lip care quality is natural oils and yours.

Eye shadow with high-quality natural make-up gives your age a dark brown color with a silky soft matte texture. These eye shadows are great for both evening smoky makeup, and for the eye line.

Lipstick 29 Body - an excellent addition to everyday natural make-up. Thanks to a soft nude shade with drops of apricot, it flatteres almost all shades of the skin and is suitable for all occasions.

The eye shadow will cover your eyes with a light veil in shiny blue tones and looks good on all the eye colors. A light flicker, illuminate your understanding and continues through rich mineral pigmentům makeup throughout the day.

Lipstick 30 dark gray is an excellent addition to everyday natural make-up. Thanks to the dark-dark hue with a drop of old-fashioned pink flattery, almost all shades of skin are suitable for all occasions.

Eye shadow in a charming, icy green shade will add to your everyday make-up, and your eyes will shine with small particles that reflect light. They are largely combined with neutral tones.

Lipstick 31 caramel is the perfect accessory for the everyday natural version. Thanks to the delicate caramel color, the brown tint with a splash of pink flatter almost all shades of the skin and is suitable for all occasions.

A palette of eye shadow that emphasizes your view both on daily make-up and on intense smoky make-up. Exclusively selected, saturated gray shades are truly universal and suitable for all eye colors.