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  • Price: €17.00 - €18.00

The pleasantly cool echo of green tea is attracted to the fruit wool, full of citrus, with a tangling mandarin, a bergamot, a bitterly bitter grape, and a spicy, slightly sweet, black currant.

Berne is full of floral desires, full of floral touch, full of floral seduction.

The incarnate seduction of the Oriental scent opens with tones of sweetly seductive mandarin, in which the heat of the spice dissolves. Delicious vanilla with cloves, cinnamon with cinnamon and rare saffron.

Fresh tones of fresh ginger, with a gentle aroma of orange blossoms, majestic roses and juicy linden with bergamot, launch the original chords in a fragrance designed especially for men, when the interplay of elegance will also attract women to their floral woody corners.

Elegantly floral, gourmet fruity, sensuously smooth - it's Baldo perfume.

Sidika brings the scent of white flowers, soaps and echoes.