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Daytime 3D Hyaluronic Filler for the face. Helps reduce the expression of facial and age wrinkles, wrinkles and dehydration. Restores and relaxes the stressed skin, regaining its youth. The effect of smoothness and freshness. With regular use prevents the appearance of new wrinkles

The cream provides long-lasting moisturizing, improves microcirculation, gives the skin smoothness and firmness. A complex of effective moisturizing ingredients instantly and permanently fixes moisture in the skin, giving it softness and comfort. For face, neck and décolletage.

Body cream. Suitable for dry, normal and combined skin types. After applying the cream Librederm, the skin looks much softer and smoother, the flaking and feeling of 'tightness' of the skin disappear.

Hyaluronic serum activator 'Libibridm' maximally moistens from the inside even the driest skin, activating the processes of developing its own protective and moisturizing components. Regular use of whey allows you to restore the natural level of skin hydration, maintaining the optimal water balance necessary to protect and combat the visible signs of premature aging. This product is suitable for women of all ages, with any type of skin.

Mask Hyaluronic for face and neck. With the regular application of the mask, a stable moisture reserve is formed in the skin, the susceptibility to short-term dehydrating stress factors decreases. The skin becomes smooth, smooth, supple, acquires a healthy color.

 Cream-expert Stem cells of grapes with a rich and thick texture are created for rejuvenating the face, neck and decollete zone at night. The product contains stem cells of grapes, which within six hours after application protect the derma from the action of free radicals and significantly rejuvenate the skin

Balm from deep wrinkles around the eyes Anti-Age TM Librederm has in its composition an innovative component in the form of stem cells of grapes and aminobutyric acid, which actively slows the aging process of the skin, create an impressive anti-aging complex. Means perfectly smoothes fine wrinkles, reduces deep, reduces pigmentation and strengthens the radiance of the skin.

Stem cells of plants for face, neck and decollete skin care. Restores tired, dull, fading skin. Softens and moisturizes. Smoothes wrinkles, improves skin tone, strengthens the face oval.

    • Works intensely refreshing

    • Helps to reduce pigmentation

    • promotes cell renewal

      • Ingredients inspired by nature

      • reactivate the vitality of the skin

      • of course, fresh radiance

      • for women aged about 65 years