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Aderma Cytelium Pflege-Spray 100 ml
Akuku urinal beige

Natural Sources Lactobacillus Baby 

100% natural added vitamin, such as 360 grams of vegetarian

Ducray Kelual Emulsion (pack size: 50 ml) soothes the itching and intensively moisturizes scaling and cradle cap in infants and young children.

 Ducray Kelual Emulsion Milchschorf Infants 50 ml eliminates dandruff and relieves the irritation of the face and scalp.

Bambo Nature 4 MAXI panty diapers 60 pieces 7-18 kg

 Children's universal panties for girls and boys with a breathable surface and dry fastening.

Bambo Nature 3 Midi children's diapers are suitable for children in the weight category of 5-9kg, the package contains 66pcs. The diapers meet stringent environmental standards, are very thin and ultra-absorbent. The TOP DRY layer ensures fast absorption thanks to rapid moisture removal and keeps the baby's skin dry.

Bambo Nature 3 Baby diapers Midi are suitable for children in the weight category 3-6 kg, the package contains 30 pcs. Nappies meet strict environmental standards, very thin and ultra-absorbent. TOP DRY layer provides rapid absorption due to rapid removal of moisture and keeps the baby's skin dry.

The gum balm has a positive effect on the gums and the entire oral cavity due to herbal extracts. Helps alleviate the pain and itching that accompanies the growth of new teeth.

Relaxing massage oil for babies relaxes and soothes the skin of the entire body. Retains skin moisture, increases elasticity and protects the skin.

Micellar baby cleaning water gently removes dirt from the skin, soothing, softening and leaving it tender and fresh.

Baby Gel is specially developed to meet the high demands of fine baby skin and hair. It is hypoallergenic, does not contain soap and the skin not only gently cleanses but also cares about it.

Ointment to the bottom for the upper layer of the skin of infants, moisturizes, protects from irritation and soothes it. The soft texture of the cleansing oil also allows the abdomen with the help of a tampon of vatového babies.

Delicate eau de toilette is also suitable for the youngest. Fresh orange tones give a gentle fragrance and a hypoallergenic composition with bioaloe vera and glycerin skin care. Of course, without alcohol.

Hypoallergenic cream without fragrance protects sensitive skin from UVA and UVB radiation and is suitable for children from 3 months.

Aderma Primalba Coconut Cream 200 ml is a moisturizing and nourishing cream especially for sensitive baby skin.

The soothing spray of Aderma dries irritated wet skin and can thus ensure early regeneration. It owes its properties to the following components: 
- zinc oxide: firming, drying, anti-irritant and antibacterial properties 
- Rhealba Oat Extract: soothing, soothing, protective

Aderma Protect ion SPF 50+ 200 ml is a very high protection sun spray especially for sensitive children's skin.

Aderma Protect ion SPF 50+ 250 ml is a very high Protect compound especially for sensitive skin, for children.

 Airbi TWIN will provide you with the optimal climatic conditions in your home. It is comfortably equiped with 3 multifunctional devices - 3 devices in 1. It features 3 air purifying ionizers, aromatherapy that can tune you up after a busy day by adding essential oils and basic humidification functions.

 Airbi TWIN will provide you with the optimal climatic conditions in your home. It is comfortably equiped with 3 multifunctional devices - 3 devices in 1. It features 3 air purifying ionizers, aromatherapy that can tune you up after a busy day by adding essential oils and basic humidification functions.

 The Akuku manual suction cup is an ideal solution for a mother in a situation where she can not feed the baby and does not want to feed artificial nutrition. It is comfortable, portable and quiet.

 Akuku hand pump. - imitation of natural absorbent reflex - simple to use - a quick and delicate way of suction helps to suck excess milk, which prevents the formation of galactose (breast milk accumulation) as well as mastitis

 Children's urinal Akuku for boys. A great choice for boys who refuse to go to the potty. The urinal is easily attached with the suction cups attached to the rear of the urinal. The urinal consists of two parts, one part is attached to the wall by means of suction cups and the other part is easily pulled out for spill and smudge. You adjust the height of the urinal yourself according to the actual height of the child using suction cups. It is an original gift for boys.

 Children's bumper made of soft waterproof film with a picture of a car, tractor and helicopter. The bibbon has colored edges, a practical pocket and Velcro fastening. Composition: Soft PVC. 

Dimensions: 36 x 28 cm. Suitable for children from birth.

 Dermifant® Child Cream nourishes and protects dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Valuable natural evening primrose oil (20%) makes the skin soft and resistant. Glycerin intensively moisturizes and strengthens the skin barrier. Apply several times daily to areas of skin that require extra intensive care. The child-friendly design determines the success of the regular application! Children love Dermifant®!

 Alpa Aviril 50ml Azulen Oil This oil is designed for the treatment and cleaning of delicate skin of infants. 
Chamomile is one of the most soothing plants in the world. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant effects that benefit the whole body.

 Aviril is a baby cream for scrubs. It is designed to prevent and treat sore spots, injured, irritated, cracked and sensitive skin in children and adults. Vitamin E also contributes to the regeneration and recovery of the affected skin.

 The delicate perfume blend contains the active substance azulene, chamomile essential oil that effectively protects the baby's skin, it has a soothing, healing and antiseptic effect. Chamomile is one of the most soothing plants in the world. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant effects that benefit the whole body. No disinfection can be avoided. Chamomile helps to soothe skin inflammation. It contains antibacterial ingredients that can also speed up the treatment of infections that have already occurred. Azulen, ethereal chamomile oil, also has healing and antiseptic effects. Aviril brings relief to dry, itchy skin.

Alphanova Baby Bio-Liniment 500 ml is a certified organic oil-lime limiment. Its traditional Provencal formula contains green organic olive oil and calcium hydroxide.

Alphanova Baby Moisturizer 250 ml nourishes skin that tends to severe dehydration, atopic and damaged skin. Its natural formula of cotton oil and organic sweet almond milk makes this milk a very gentle yet effective care for the skin of babies and children.

 Alphanova Baby's 100% natural massage oil is a bio-certified moisturizing and soothing fragrance-free fragrance that moisturizes or massages the skin of your baby and children.

If you need a high-precision and safe thermometer that does not hurt you and your family, even if it accidentally breaks, pay attention to the excellent modern development - the infrared thermometer AND DT-635! It is ideal for home use, which is especially important in winter, when it is so easy to catch a cold.

 Angelcare AC300 monitors the movement and breathing of your baby. As soon as the breath monitor registers an anomaly in breathing babies (pause, apnea pause, etc.), the parents are informed by a loud alarm. The Angelcare AC300 with its loud alarm also encourages a baby to breathe.

 The Fedal Doppler SPD 100S is a great option for all expectant mothers to listen to the heartbeat of their unborn child.

The new generation forehead thermometer Aponorm thermometer forehead Contact-free 3 (pack size: 1 pc) combines all advantages of innovative and safe home diagnosis: highest accuracy, quality and reliability. The proven infrared technology ensures fast and accurate measurements in just 3 seconds without direct skin or surface contact.

APO-LAKTIK For baby 7.5ml 

Probiotic drops containing 2 probiotic strains and additionally supplemented with fructooligosaccharides. Drops are suitable for children from birth and are in a special pipette pack. 

Before the first use, the probiotics are kept separate from the fluid, thereby providing high protection for probiotic strains.

 Aquaint is safe, environmentally friendly disinfectant water. It is 'natural' because its only ingredients are water and 'natural acid' (HClO) produced by the human body to fight bacteria. 
Aquaint has the ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria in a few seconds.

Alvedon 60 mg suppositories are used to relieve mild to moderate pain and fever in children who find it difficult to swallow tablets. This product contains paracetamol.

Avene Baby Pediatril Care Gel b.Milchschorf (pack size: 40 ml) is a nourishing gel for babies. The oil of panthenol and almond contained in the gel provides a great moisture to the skin.

Moisturizing cream Avene Baby Pediatril Defi (package size: 50 ml) is a creamy emulsion for face and body. The moistening filter Avene Baby Pediatril Defi remains sterile without preservatives due to a special closure, which ensures maximum care and cleanliness of the product. Moisturizing cream Avene Baby Pediatril Defi can be used for the face and whole body, suitable for skin prone to atopy.

Cleansing foam without soap contains extremely soft surface-active substances of natural origin and does not pinch your eyes. Light and creamy texture gently cleanses the skin and does not dry it. Ideal for children and toddlers.

The complex of active substances provide optimal protection against UVB and also UVA rays, protects and hydrates sensitive skin, especially the baby.

The toned sunscreen with a very high protection factor of 50+ has been specially formulated for the sensitive skin of people who burn easily and quickly.

Relief Cream XeraCalm A.D. is specially formulated for severe dry skin, for infants, children and adults.

Sun Protection Cream 30 has been specially formulated for sensitive, dry skin of people whose lighter skin is burning light and fast on the sun.