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 Erotic massage oils for the body of the German brand Magoon excel with a long-lasting sliding effect, they are slowly absorbed, they do not create an unwanted structured filter on the body and easy to wash with water. They are enriched with jojoba oil extracts and dermatologically tested. Let yourself pamper yourself with sensual massage and taste the scent of intimate touch, you will not regret ;-)

Enjoy an erotic massage. The oil is water soluble and easy to clean. Without preservatives. The contents of the package is 50 ml.

To alleviate the problems in vaginal dryness It has two effects: it delivers the vaginal mucosa and external intimal moisture and nourishing lipids (fats). The mucous membranes make it smoother - completely hormone-free.

The vaginal suppository dissolves in the vagina after insertion, retains the existing vaginal secretions to create a softening and nourishing cream. In this way, the difficulty caused by dryness of the vaginal mucosa can be alleviated due to various causes (eg in the absence of estrogen during the climacterium or as a result of oncological treatment of breast cancer).